Our outstanding regulated elderly care

The regulatory bodies

Care services in Scotland are regulated by the Care Inspectorate, and in England by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). As the main regulatory bodies in the sector, they make sure that regulated care providers, like Bright Care, meet the right quality standards. Their primary function is to serve and assist the care service providers, as well as provide a key benchmark for families when choosing care for a loved one. Both bodies have also the power to close services down, if a provider continually fails to meet the right quality standards.

Why choose regulated care

At Bright Care, we believe that with the right foundations and resources, every elderly person can live out their later years, with dignity, security, and purpose, in the comfort of their own homes. For us, this can only be achieved if the care service we provide is of the highest quality standards. This is why we choose to be a regulated elderly care provider. It means you can have full peace of mind, knowing that our service is accountable to the national regulatory bodies for care, and your loved one is being looked after by us, not only with love, but also with a high degree of professionalism.

When choosing a care service, remember that not all providers are regulated.

Our outstanding results

In Scotland, care services are graded by the Care Inspectorate from 1 (Unsatisfactory), to 6 (Excellent). While in England, the Care Quality Commission rating system consists of 4 grades, starting from ‘Inadequate’ and arriving to ‘Outstanding‘. Steady and good year-on-year grades, generally indicate a stable and well-run service. Therefore, we take pride in the outstanding results that our branches continually obtain.

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Broughty Ferry

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Our Horsham branch has not yet been inspected. Discover the continuous great results of our Cranleigh branch.

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Scottish Borders

Discover the continuous great results of our Scottish Borders branch.

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Discover the continuous great results of our Perthshire branch.

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What To Take From The Reports

Regulatory reports are a useful way to discover how our branches are run. They contain insights into both the areas our service is strong, as well as any areas where improvements may be needed. Within the reports you would typically find references to ‘requirements’ and ‘recommendations’. Requirements are improvements that Bright Care must work to meet, and these will be checked at the following inspection, whilst recommendations are things that could improve the service, but they are at the discretion of the manager.

However, we would encourage you not to base your understanding of Bright Care solely on these reports, but to meet us in person. This will allow you to ask us any questions you may have to gain an in-depth knowledge of our care services, before deciding to let us look after your loved one. We have also listed 12 Quality Questions to ask when Selecting a Care Provider to help you along the way.

Finally, Bright Care has a Duty of Care Policy for our Scotland-based branches which includes us publishing our Duty of Candour Annual Reports. These reports are available upon request, and to receive your copy please email Lindsay McClive, Head of Operations.

Bright Care Manager explaining the care package to the client 's daughter at the client's house

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