About Bright Care

Our Story

In 2009, Tim and Louise Cocking, inspired in part through the successes and failures of a family journey in providing care for a much loved elderly family member, established Bright Care.

The vision was to create a straightforward solution to the ultimate dream: that with the right foundations and resources in place, every elderly person can live out their later years, with dignity, security and companionship, in the comfort of their own homes. Guaranteed.

It was decided that Bright Care would commit to uniquely working alongside sons and daughters in the care of their parents, alleviating the complexities and  frustrations associated with getting care right for loved ones through delivering a premium, fully-managed, care at home solution.

Tim and Louise know that getting care right for families ultimately starts with creating and nurturing an exemplary culture within the business.  They find joy and purpose in working alongside colleagues that give the very best of themselves and call out the very best in others.  They desire that every single member of the team, no matter their role, is able to play to their strengths every day, continually learn, grow and better themselves within an organisation where they truly feel like part of the family.

10 years on Bright Care has firmly established itself as one of the foremost providers of exclusive privately funded care at home in Scotland.

Alongside the privilege of leading Bright Care on its exciting journey, Tim and Louise, who live in Edinburgh, also have the joy and privilege of being parents to three young children, Charlotte, Norah and Madeleine.

A Unique & Award-Winning Approach

Bright Care is proud to do things differently – our clients and staff are at the heart of everything that we do. By focusing on the holistic needs of each client, we tailor our care packages in order to deliver the best care possible.

Our approach is unique, but simple:

  • Focus on Elderly Care. We focus our high quality staff training on the many unique conditions that come hand in hand with old age.
  • Companionship. With visits of two hours or more, we realise the enormous benefits that good quality companionship can bring to a person’s quality of life.
  • Privately Paying Clients. We maintain full control of the high standards of care our staff deliver by caring only for privately paying clients.
  • Matched Companion Carers. There is not a single member of our team that we are not excited to be working with each day. Each Bright Carer has been hand-picked for their genuine, caring attitude and evident kindness towards others. We match clients and carers based on shared values, interests and personality.

This unique approach has earned us many accolades over the years, most recently Scottish Housing Support Provider of the Year at the 2017 Scottish Care Awards.

Our Company Values

We have six core values. These are not vacuous values, rather, they play out in our day-to-day experiences of the company. They explain what matters most to us in the pursuit of our mission and vision, and how we find purpose in what we do.


  1. We have honest conversations. Through embracing transparency, openness and straightforwardness, we pursue truthfulness with each other.

  2. We are learners. We realise that we’re not finished products and are eager to grow and better ourselves. Humility lies at the heart of this.

  3. We give freely. Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes, and whether it be time, resources, or expertise, we give, share and pay things forward as one family.

  4. We are interdependent. We live our lives alongside each other and work unitedly, bringing our best everyday, in the knowledge that our colleagues have our back.

  5. We are self-aware. We know our strengths and blind spots and reflect on our own processes to evaluate, build character, and make good decisions.

  6. We seek long-term relationships. Loyalty is important to us; as are great endings. Join us once and begin the journey.

A Bright Future

From one small office in Edinburgh, to seven branches spread throughout Scotland, we collectively support almost 350 clients. By continuously employing exceptional people we will continue to deliver an excellent standard of care. As we expand by opening more local branches throughout the UK we will always stay true to our family ethos, core values and attention to customer service – ultimately doing things ‘The Bright Care Way.’