Caring for the generation
that first cared for us.

Case Studies

Mr Donald Robertson, Glasgow

Donald Robertson has always had a robust attitude to life. Living in the West End of Glasgow, Donald spent his working life building a successful insurance brokerage, and enjoying photography, gardening and cooking in his free time.

Donald retired early from his career after a diagnosis of Parkinsons disease, but with some help from Bright Care, he continues to enjoy his leisure pursuits and lead a purposeful and meaningful life.

Donald was being discharged from a five month stay in hospital and was given the choice of living in a care home by social work but he was really keen to stay in his own home so contacted Bright Care to see how they could help…

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Mrs Freda Ferguson, Edinburgh

Mrs Freda Ferguson is quite the remarkable woman. She has led a most interesting and exciting life, travelling and living all over the world with her late husband Bill – a veterinarian who worked with the colonial office in Africa and latterly UN agency ‘FAO.’ Freda and Bill eventually settled down in Edinburgh. Their sons, Ewan and Alastair, are regular visitors to the family home there.

Freda is a wonderfully social person. She is determined to continue living in her beautiful home and to keep close relationships with family and friends, despite a diagnosis of dementia.

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Mrs Elizabeth Parker, Edinburgh

Pictured here in Japan enjoying the tranquillity of a traditional Japanese Garden with her late husband and her daughter is Elizabeth Patricia Parker.

Elizabeth is a lover of art and music. Throughout her life she has enjoyed visiting museums, galleries and musical performances, particularly with her daughter Helen.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with dementia in 2013 and Bright Care has been supporting her since April 2016 following the death of her beloved husband just a few months prior, who was her primary carer. Our relationship with Elizabeth began as short visits for just a few hours a week. Now we support Elizabeth with much longer visits, including live-in care on an as-needed basis.

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Mr Jack Currie, Perthshire

Jack Currie has been a Bright Care client for a number of years. Having moved from Edinburgh to Perthshire to be closer to his daughter, he is in the rare position of having enjoyed the support of not one, but two of our branches!

Maintaining his independence and respecting his daily routine are important to Jack. Bright Care has enabled him to continue living his life with purpose and dignity.

His daughter, Denice, had this to say…


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“Bright Care has made my mum’s wish to remain living in her own home possible. In her own words she describes her carers as “kind, hardworking and caring”. One of the biggest changes is how much confidence my mum has gained over the last six months. As a relative dealing with Bright Care I would not hesitate to recommend them. No concern is too small and their attention to details when caring for my mum is excellent. They are also delightful to deal with.”

Mrs J Griffiths, London

“Mum was 92 with a few problems and a bit lonely. After 62 years in her home she wanted to stay put. The care, love and attention she receives from her carer is priceless. Not always easy to please! She loves her visits and a lot of pressure is off me. The Bright Care at Home leaflet through the letter box was a godsend.”

Mrs K, Perth

“I found Mum to be in excellent health and spirits and extremely well cared for… she is happy and feels secure and supported. Mum loves her trips out and conversations. Many thanks to the whole team and particular thanks to Veronique. It is clear how much she cares from her professional attitude, expertise in caring and hard work and thoroughness. Also Aga who is so responsive and caring which we appreciate because we are far away in London.”

Mrs S, London

“What do I enjoy most? Seeing Joyce achieving things that she kind of lost the ability to do and get stronger every day.”

“I like the idea that you spend quality time with a client. It makes a difference to their life.”

“I can’t thank Alison enough for the help and support she has given. I can definitely say it has been your caring and non-judgemental approach that has allowed my grandfather to be more accepting of support from others. He definitely appreciated and welcomed visits. It has made a massive difference to him and the rest of the family.”

Mrs K, London

“Thank you so much for stepping into the breach at the last minute again. We are so impressed with the service and response we have had from everyone at Bright Care. For the first time ever I went away without worrying. Many Thanks,”

Mrs J. Auchterarder

“Bright Care assistance enables my Father to continue to live in his own home and ensures that household tasks are carried out. The service also gives me peace of mind as I do not live locally to him. It all works extremely well!”

Mr M, Stirling

Bright Care provides care and companionship that caters directly to my husbands needs. Having suffered from Parkinsons for many years he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers. He was becoming more and more frustrated with his inability to do the things he used to do. However Bright Care has provided a wonderful service. Their carers are there to help in whatever he needs and this has helped my husband achieve many things that were not possible before. I am so glad that Bright Care was recommended to us – they have made the problems that we both face a lot easier. – Dorothy Silver, Edinburgh

“ Irene who cares for my uncle is an outstanding carer, as was Margaret who cared for my mother. You feel as if the staff genuinely care and have great compassion and professionalism for the situation and the people with whom they work – and that includes the wider family for whom they provide respite”

Mrs Stevens – Milton of Campsie

“We have been extremely happy with the care our elderly family member has received from Bright Care. Carers are dedicated to their clients and take time to listen to them. They make sure that the clients wishes are carried out, for example cooking them food that they enjoy. They communicate regularly with the family which is very reassuring as we live far away”

Mrs J Mills – Glasgow

“Using Bright Care has allowed my mum a daily routine that suits her needs. Staff are punctual and arrive at time requested. They provide a holistic approach to care.”

Mrs Lisa Beattie, Newlands, Glasgow

I enjoy working with Bright Care as it is a supportive organisation with a strong sense of quality and high standards. I appreciate the approachable, helpful staff and the training and ongoing support provided. Working with Bright Care provides me with a super work life balance – a thing I had not thought possible ! The flexible rota system allows me to work anything from 2 hours, to regular longer shifts to living in with a client. It is a rewarding job, meeting and caring for different people with different life stories, interests and hobbies. I take great pride in my work as a carer, helping people to live as independently as possible in their own homes and I know from experience that Bright Care do too.

Alison Johnston, Carer, Edinburgh

‘Making the decision to entrust the overnight care of our Mum to someone outwith family was initially a very daunting one. but from the very first contact with Bright Care, I felt this was an organisation we could trust to get it right for Mum. This feeling was further compounded after meeting with Care Supervisor, Val, who sensitively gathered the information she needed in order to form a care plan to best meet my Mum’s needs. At each step of the process, it was clear that my Mum was seen as an individual in her own right, that her needs were understood and that it really mattered that the care provided was of the highest standard.

My Mum finds her carers warm, responsive and understanding- and she thinks they are great! The fact that she has the same carers consistently is very reassuring to her and undoubtedly has helped her feel safe.

For us, there is peace of mind, knowing that Aileen, Vanessa and Lauren are highly competent, caring and kind and can respond to any emergency calmly and appropriately, and also keep us fully informed.

Bright Care has made a difficult and emotive process as gentle and effective as possible, and I feel the whole organisation inspires confidence.’  – Mrs B, Edinburgh

“I have been very impressed with Geraldine’s caring attitude, my dad thinks she is wonderful. I can now visit my parents as a daughter rather than a carer.”

Mrs Wilson – Glasgow

“ The original set up done with no fuss and the method of payment is very professional. There is no tied contract and our requirements have been fully catered for.”

Mr William Glen – Glasgow

“Bright Care are a wonderful support for me. Always reliable, friendly and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. I can’t recommend them highly enough. If my regular carer is off on holiday, I can look forward to her replacement being just as lovely as she is.”

Mrs Isabella MacDonald, Barrhead

I’m proud and my family are proud of the work I do with Brightcare.  There are so many people in the world today who can benefit from friendly and helpful assistance from a company like Brightcare who specialise in spending quality time with their clients.  My experience has been quality training to begin and the continued support from all the staff in the office whether it be advice about clients or assistance with the more practical side of work.  From Tim, each Care Supervisor, and the admin staff, everyone is passionate about their work and the care we can provide to the elderly and vulnerable adults.  Its amazing how simple things in life can mean such a lot to people and to be in the position of providing that care to someone every day or week is very rewarding.  Sometimes it doesn’t actually feel as if I’m at work.  To be able to say that I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow is a rare thing these days and know I’m making a difference to someone’s life.

Lois McNeill, Carer Edinburgh

“I am thoroughly happy with work done. Staff very polite and caring and very efficient, also very trustworthy. It all means a lot to me.”

Mrs R, Leith

“I am delighted with the service from BrightCare. Ania is a lovely, hardworking girl who delivers a first class service”

Mrs W, Clarkston

“Your carers are kind and capable, they’ve given my mother the care and company she needs.”

Anonymous – South Lanarkshire

“The care delivered by Dea is just what I was after-she is polite, caring and very competent in her work. She knows exactly how to cope with my Mother and her odd ways. Not an easy task as I know. I think this is part Dea, and part her training. All staff, Dea, Cheryl and Office staff are very helpful and courteous- very happy.”

Mr D Wilson, Edinburgh

“From the initial contact to the delivery of care, Bright Care and their team have been professional, caring and supportive not only to my sister, who suffers from Dementia, but equally to the family as a whole. Exceptional”.

Mr John McCall, Gourock

“Bright care are always there every step of my way. If a regular carer is unavailable, then another carer is always ready to step in. So help is always available.”

Miss Janet M Dykes, Bearsden


“Bright care  are a caring and reliable service. They have gave the family peace of mind knowing our mum has companionship & security. They are very well organised & efficient. Highly recommend.” Mrs J. Coyle

“Bright care offer personalised care in a complex area, which they manage in an excellent way. They offered time that provided an individualised support that was empathetic, empowering and respectful to my father, who was distressed by his circumstances.” Miss H

“I was anxious about needing personal care to help me safely stay at home, especially showering & Washing. Helen, My Care Worker has been kind, reassuring & Efficient, making me feel more confident. I look forward to her visits.” Mrs L

“Care & Professionalism of staff is excellent and the continuity of staff builds confidence and friendship”. Mrs D.

“Bright care has provided me with a charming girl to help me and we get on really well. If Helen is off for some reason, the other girls are also really kind, caring and helpful.” Mrs Audrey Carlaw

“Our experience of Bright Care has been hugely positive from the very start. Both care workers themselves and the whole admin/office team have provided wonderful support, understanding of our needs, flexibility and a high degree of competency throughout. Although everyone is extremely professional, there is also a humanness pervading the whole organisation – it feels like people count, whether client, family members or staff. Listening, responding, then being able to act upon what’s being asked for and deliver as promised, is a sign of a great organisation that engenders trust in its service users” Mrs B, Edinburgh

“We are hugely impressed with the service Bright Care continues to provide for both our parents overnight. The carers, Aileen, Vanessa and Roxy-are wonderful and provide a great balance between emotional support and physical care. The office staff and Care Supervisor- Val- are unfailingly understanding and helpful and communication is second to none. I recommend Bright Care wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a service which goes that extra mile.” Mrs B, Edinburgh

“When I first contacted Bright Care they were very proactive in selecting a carer for my mother’s needs. Val has been very reassuring and helps me keep well informed on the service provision.”  Fiona McCready, Edinburgh

“Bright Care have been a godsend! My mum can’t be left alone as she gets frightened (dementia). The care allows us a bit of free time to do every day things that wouldn’t get done without a sitter. The carers are so lovely with mum and I like that we can cancel if we don’t need them.” Anne Merten, Edinburgh