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When it comes to choosing a care company, there are many different elderly care options to choose from. It’s important that you do your research before making a choice. It is also vital that you spend time discussing care options with your loved one. You are much more likely to have a successful outcome if they are included in the decision.

You will need to decide if your loved ones’ needs are best suited to live-in care, daytime hourly care at home, overnight care, respite care, 24-hour care or a care home. These are just some of the options available, so we understand why it can be confusing and can feel overwhelming. We offer free impartial advice for anyone seeking care for their elderly loved ones. Get in touch today with one of our knowledgeable team who can talk you through the care options we offer.

Things to consider

We recommend that you have an initial conversation with your loved ones about how and when they want their care to be delivered. This is best done early in the process, before care becomes urgent, so that it can be done in a calm and considered way. Our advice on how to prepare for care may help you initiate this conversation with your elderly loved ones.

In some cases the government will assist with paying for the care of your loved one. To achieve this, you are required to set up a needs assessment from your local social services. If you are not eligible for government funding or they cannot offer the level of care you want, then self-funded elderly care is available. Choosing to self-fund will give you more options when choosing your loved ones’ care.

Your local social services may also be able to assist with walking frames, hoists and any home adjustments that could make remaining at home easier for your loved ones. In addition, you may find reading our guidance on tools to help older people live happily at home useful. 

Understand the difference between home healthcare and non-medical home care. The NHS provide continuing healthcare for those who have a serious illness or disability and their care involves managing a health need, rather than a social or personal care need.

Bright Care clients, Sandra and Alan talk about why they chose Bright Care as their care company.

What to look for in a care company

If you decide that self-funded care at home is the right choice for your loved ones, we advise that you look into the following before choosing an elderly care company:

  • Find out the costs of their various care offerings and verify exactly what this includes.
  • Think about how you want your loved one’s care package to be delivered. What do they need support with and when. A fully-managed package can bring great peace of mind.
  • Look at their ratings, awards, regulatory bodies, and read reviews from clients and care staff.
  • Call the care company and ask them questions. Make a list of these to ensure you don’t forget anything.
  • Ask the care company how their staff are selected, vetted, trained, supported and monitored.
  • Ask about their matching process between each client and carer.

If you choose a care home rather than an in-home care company, make sure you visit them. Look at the area it is based in, find out what activities or outings they do, ask about visiting hours, speak to the staff and residents to get a feel for the place. We suggest you also consider how the change of familiar surroundings may impact your loved one.

Why choose Bright Care

At Bright Care we offer fully-managed in-home care services, delivered by our highly-trained, caring and compassionate staff. Our regulated tailored care can help maintain your loved one’s independence within the familiarity of their own home. 

Each of our clients has a small team of Bright Carers who are matched according to their needs and interests, allowing for meaningful relationships to develop. The services we offer include daytime hourly care with visits lasting for two hours or more, 24-hour live-in care and overnight or sleepover care. All of our services are carefully set up and managed by an appointed Care Manager and include access to our emergency call-out service.

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