A day in the life of a Care Assistant

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Carers in the home for the elderly

At Bright Care, we provide carers in the home for the elderly. Our experienced and well-trained Care Assistants provide at-home care and companionship and all of our care packages are tailored to the individual needs of our private clients.

We asked one of our Care Assistants, Naomi, who works for our Glasgow branch in Scotland, about what it’s like to provide care in the home for the elderly.

Naomi’s story

This morning, I was with my client Margaret for a two-hour visit. We start with coffee and a catch up, whilst she gives me all her news. Then we went out to the local shops and it was really nice. Once we were back at home, I did some housework and I changed her bedding.

We had such a fun day, we actually ended up having a boogie. Margaret had the radio on, the Vengaboys were playing and she was chair dancing along. So, the pair of us were “giving it laldy” (A Scottish saying for singing loudly and proudly with great gusto) in the chairs, it was so much fun.

I love knowing I have made a difference to Margaret’s day and I enjoy making her laugh. I have got a bit of a quirky personality, I am quite sarcastic and funny, and I think that is why she likes having me around.

Making a difference

I used to have a blind client years ago, who I made playlists of songs for on my phone and we used to spend our visits singing together. He was in his nineties and I was in my twenties and you would not think that people with such an age difference would have anything in common. He taught me about musicians like Al Jolson and Perry Como, so I was able to sing the songs he liked.

It is so nice to build a relationship with the client’s families as well. It is a really good feeling knowing that they trust you. The aim is to give them peace of mind and I always try my best to be there for my clients. If any of my clients are ever down, I will try my best to cheer them up. If I have to do a silly dance to make them laugh, I’ll do it. Anything to make them happy.

Get in touch

If you have been inspired by Naomi’s story and would like to join our team as carers in the home for the elderly, please get in touch.

If you would like to know more about the companionship care we offer, our team would be delighted to talk you through the options available, please get in touch.

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