A day in the life of an Overnight Care Assistant

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Bright Care's client smiling while his Bright Carer adjusts his bed

At Bright Care, we provide overnight care for the elderly. Our experienced and well-trained Care Assistants provide in-home care that is tailored to the individual needs of our private clients. We also provide daytime care, live-in care and we specialise in the care of people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

We asked one of our Overnight Care Assistants, Flavia, who works for our Edinburgh branch in Scotland, about what it’s like to provide overnight care for the elderly and being a Carer for clients with dementia.

Flavia’s story as an Overnight Care Assistant

As an overnight Care Assistant, I work with people who have problems with sleeping through the night, or if they need to take medication during the night. I am there for any personal care requirements and I try to ensure that my clients are as comfortable as they can be throughout the night.

One of my first clients was a lady who had dementia. Originally, I started working as her daytime Care Assistant, providing five hours of care a day. I would often take her out. She loved coffee and cake, so I found new cafes for us to go to. Although she had dementia, she was able to hold a conversation and talk about her memories. It was a scream! We had a good time together. 

As time went by and she needed more assistance, I became her sleepover Care Assistant, where I slept in her home with a monitor next to me, to wake me up when needed. As her illness progressed, I worked waking nights, which meant I was there awake all through the night. Sadly, she has since passed away. I got to know the client’s family very well while caring for her and we’re still friends today. Although it was a job, at the time it didn’t feel like work.

Making a difference

I enjoy establishing a rapport with my clients and when two characters get on, and have mutual respect, that is when you can build on the relationship. You can learn to listen to them and find out what they really need from you as their Care Assistant. I get great satisfaction from seeing my clients happy and making a difference to their day.

For me, my achievement in care is the gratification of knowing I am doing something to please and help my clients. I am delighted when they can retain their home, personal space and habits. When someone is approaching the end of their life, providing the little things and bringing joy is so important, such as being able to drink tea exactly how they like it from their favourite mug.

Overnight Care Assistant
I enjoy working for Bright Care, it’s a good job and I have clients who I have developed a relationship with and I know they feel at home with me.

Flavia, Overnight Care Assistant

If you have been inspired by Flavia’s story and would like to join our team providing overnight care for the elderly, please get in touch.

If you would like to know more about the overnight and dementia care we offer, please get in touch, and our experienced team can talk you through the options available.

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