Jobs in care at Bright Care Head Office

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Jobs in care at the Stirling branch

At Bright Care, we champion our people. We seek to develop their talents and help them to achieve their goals. Our new Branch Manager in Stirling, Natalie, is a brilliant example of someone who has been given the help and support needed for a successful career in care. 


Visit our jobs in care page to find out which roles are currently available with Bright Care.

Natalie’s journey

Before joining the Bright Care team, Natalie had worked in social care for 13 years.

Natalie’s career started while she was still at university in Strathclyde, studying for a degree in Education and Social Services, when she worked as a home Carer for the elderly. Natalie enjoyed becoming a Carer and it helped to build her confidence and she enjoyed spending time with her clients. After graduating, Natalie worked as a Team Leader in a specialist dementia care home.

jobs in care

In 2016, Bight Care, were advertising for a Care Assistant and Natalie was drawn to it as it was a family run company and the position would get her back out into the community, supporting people in their own homes. Also, the two-hour minimum visiting time really appealed to her as it would enable her to develop really good relationships with her clients. Natalie had a very positive recruitment process, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and ensure she was a good fit.

Natalie worked for seven years in our Glasgow branch. After going on maternity leave, she returned to work with even more confidence and multi-tasking abilities. She received lots of support to get back to work after her year off caring for her daughter. She began gradually building up her working hours until she became full-time again. With this flexible approach from the Bright Care management team, Natalie felt looked after and supported, enabling her to give even more at work. Natalie was able to bring her baby daughter along to events, and the carers and their clients loved meeting her. Gradually Natalie began taking on more managerial roles.

More recently, Natalie and staff at the Glasgow Branch were supporting our Stirling Branch. During this time, Natalie got to know the clients and Carers in the Stirling area. Lindsay, Head of Operations, approached Natalie about taking on the Branch Manager role in Stirling. Natalie was so excited about this new opportunity, as she felt it was the right time in her life for the next step in her career. 

jobs in care at Bright Care

Most of Natalie’s training has been on the job, with input and support from management and plenty of development opportunities, such as stepping into the role when the Regional Branch Manager was on holiday. Natalie now has the opportunity to undertake a SVQ level 4 qualification, which is part paid for by Bright Care.

Natalie really enjoyed her 7 years in the Glasgow branch and the nice dynamic within the Glasgow branch team. She said they share a good laugh together and always support each other. 

Natalie says she is looking forward to building this same sense of team bond in the Stirling branch and to finding out more about the local area as well as meeting new people. She says the branch has a lovely feel and wants everyone to come and visit.

Jobs in care

The Stirling branch is currently recruiting for a new Care Manager, please apply now if you are looking for exciting jobs in care.

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