Why in-home care services keep you happy and healthier

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At Bright Care, we believe that in-home care services, as opposed to residential care homes, are better for our clients and their families.

According to an eight-year long survey by the University College London (UCL), enjoying your life is a substantial contributor to happier and healthier ageing. Our consistent and tailored in-home support or live-in care services from our exceptional Bright Carers enables our elderly clients to enjoy meaningful relationships with their Carera during their extended visits and continuing doing the activities they take pleasure in.

Other benefits we see time and again, that come from remaining in their own home include:

  • Retaining independence.
  • Feeling safe and comfortable in familiar surroundings.
  • Staying within the community they know.
  • No trauma associated with leaving their own home.
  • Families are able to visit and stay over whenever they wish.
  • Keeping their pets.

Remaining within a familiar environment is also known to help those living with dementia. Living in their own home helps them to feel safe and the consistency of carers allows the development of great friendships between clients and carers.

The report also states that lack of companionship is one of the biggest concerns for the over 65s. That’s why at Bright Care our visits start from two hours upwards, allowing for meaningful relationships to develop. Our client Margaret told us how she misses Naomi, her carer, when she goes on holiday. They regularly bake, play games and sing together as well as going shopping and doing some light housework. 

Benefits in home care services

The UCL research also discovered that support with day-to-day tasks could reduce loneliness in older people. With our bespoke one-to-one at home care services, the elderly can be supported with the things that become more of a challenge, such as personal care, making healthy meals, and remembering to take medication. Our carers have the benefit of time and so can ensure quality of life is maintained and our clients continue to thrive at home. 

Bespoke in-home care services from Bright Care include:

  • Helping with the housework.
  • Assisting with linen and laundry.
  • Preparing meals.
  • Shopping and errands.
  • Playing games and reading together.
  • Helping with physical exercise and going on leisure trips.
  • Reminders for medications.
  • Assisting in planning and attending appointments, groups, and clubs.
  • Helping with daily personal care activities, like getting dressed, washing, and going to the toilet.
  • Assisting with reading, writing and household administration.
  • Arranging practical help, like maintenance and gardening.

For extra peace of mind, we also offer an 24-hour emergency call out service for all our clients. 

Bee keeping - supported activity with Bright Care

A meaningful life results in happy and healthier ageing

The UCL study also found that engaging in meaningful and worthwhile activities can result in sleeping better, walking faster and experiencing less chronic pain in later life. Professor Steptoe explained: “The study suggests that a spectrum of behavioural, economic, health, and social variables are related to whether ageing individuals believe they are living meaningful lives, but also that these beliefs determine future health and wellbeing.”

Our Bright Carers offer support with day-to-day tasks and work with families to provide loved ones with the opportunity to enjoy meaningful activities. Our clients are happy in their own homes and thrive with Bright Care in their later years. Our client John was matched with our Bright Carer Norleen, both of whom are keen beekeepers. Here they are pictured putting John’s bees to bed for the winter. 

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