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Preparing healthy food for better overall health

Ageing Well – overall health

By Advice, Ageing Well
Although ageing is inevitable, many scientists, professors and doctors are exploring what steps we can take to minimise the effects of ageing on our physical and mental health. Instilling healthy habits for a healthy life into your everyday routine can have a positive impact on how well you age. In...
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Live-in care worker delivering elderly care work

Becoming a Bright Carer

By Articles
At Bright Care we take great pride in our exceptional Carers. We recruit our care workers very carefully and invest time into training them at our Bright Care Training Academy. Once they graduate, they shadow a colleague before carefully matching them with a client. How are our newly recruited care workers...
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Image of an elder man looking at a wall calendar

Dementia and time perception

By Advice, Ageing Well
As experts in elder care, we know that supporting a loved one with dementia and understanding the challenges they face can be daunting. Those with dementia often have memory impairment, which particularly affects short-term memory. This can cause a loved one to forget recent events or experiences, making it difficult...
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An elder woman with her Carer, laughing together.

Ageing Well – Social Interactions

By Ageing Well
In our Ageing Well series, we look at what impacts the ageing process. We also consider what can be done to improve your health and quality of life in your later years.  Research suggests that positive social interactions can help you to live longer and increase your healthspan. This is the...
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Happy elderly people exercising with resistance bands as part of elderly fitness programmes

Exercise for the elderly

By Advice, Ageing Well
Why are elderly fitness programmes so important? As we age, maintaining a regular exercise routine becomes increasingly more important to our overall wellbeing. Remaining active can help muscles to stay strong, improve flexibility, improve brain function, support the cardiovascular system, increase balance, and boost the immune system. If your loved...
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