Caring for the generation
that first cared for us.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process is a journey and such an important decision can never be made at one interview.  We think its important that our clients and prospective staff know what our process looks like.

1. Pre-screening Applicants

All applicants that apply for a career with us will apply by filling in and submitting our online application form.

Bright Care receives a lot of enquiries from people looking to work for us so everyday our recruitment specialist sifts through applications and carries out pre-screening telephone conversations with candidates.  During that telephone conversation she will ask about why they have applied to work for Bright Care and why they are leaving their current role.  She is looking to gain a sense of their core characteristics as per the previous section.  We will also take the opportunity to explain to candidates what it looks and feels like to work with us.  Only about 1 in 35 applicants will be successful in going on to work with us.

Typically across our whole business Bright Care could receive 500 – 600 applications per month from people looking to become companion carers.  If a candidate is successful at pre-screening, they will be invited into our group interview process.

2. The Interview

Interviewing candidates is only part of the decision.  We typically conduct interviews in small groups of around 3-5 people where a conversational style is adopted in asking the group questions and observing how they interact with each other.  The interview will usually last an hour or so.  At this stage the interviewers also go into more depth about working for us and answer any questions from candidates.

Sometimes candidates might wish to talk privately about more sensitive issues or an interviewer may feel a private conversation is more suitable for certain matters.  There is time made for this after the main part of the group interview.

3. Taking Candidates Forward

Getting the right people is a two-way conversation.  We need to know potential recruits are the right ‘fit’ for us just as much as potential recruits need to feel Bright Care is the right ‘fit’ for them.  The best people in the world are very fussy about who they will work for.  It is not very often said that finding fulfilment in one’s working life is usually just as much connected to the person you work for as it is the activities in your work.

At this point we are putting this consideration back to candidates and asking them to go away and have a serious think about whether Bright Care is the right employer for them and if they can really see themselves fitting in with the team.  We ask them to get back to us the next day if they wish to take their application forward.

Of course, it remains our decision whether or not we choose to hire so we will also at this point give their application some consideration and wait to hear back.

There is now just a handful of candidates remaining from the original 500 – 600 applicants that we have chosen to take forward.  They are offered a job subject to the following main conditions:

  • Three glowing references (including from previous employers)
  • Satisfactory background checks with the Protection of Vulnerable Groups(PVG) scheme.
  • Successful completion of our on boarding process and training school to the complete satisfaction of our managers.
  • Completion of any relevant shadowing work to the complete satisfaction of our managers.

It is important to recognise that our standards are very high and if we are not satisfied with any behaviour, action or due diligence check we undertake with a new prospective care worker, we will not take them forward.

At this point the candidate is introduced to the manager who will coach, mentor and support them in their work with Bright Care.

Our managers have a profound understanding that to not act on any negative gut instinct throughout the on boarding process will only lead to headaches down the line.

4. Initial Training with Staff

All staff regardless of their background or life experience will go through our training school.  This serves two main purposes.

      To teach candidates about our business, what we do, how we do it, where we are going and how their crucial function in the organisation ties into the bigger picture.

      To train, develop and upskill staff in understanding the actual work they will be doing.

The additional, but often undervalued benefit to a training process likes ours is to provide continued opportunity for us to engage and interact with candidates before they start work to ensure they are right for us and we for them.

Our initial training lasts around a week and while no means an exhaustive list we cover the follow areas:

  • Company structure, Vision and Operation
  • Role of the Care Worker
  • Person instead of Task Based Care
  • Principles of Care
  • Dementia Promoting Excellence
  • Infection Control
  • Food Hygiene
  • Health and Safety
  • Adult Support and Protection
  • First Aid
  • Medication Administration
  • Personal Care
  • Record Keeping
  • Moving and Handling
  • Communication
  • Confidentiality

Training and professional development is ongoing throughout employment with us through regular refreshers, update, and other training sessions pertinent to our staff work are run in our offices all the time.  We also have a very engaging online ‘E-learning’ training scheme running too.

5. Shadowing and Probationary Period

Once a carer has completed their training their assigned manager will get alongside them and facilitate shadowing visits with clients where appropriate to further develop them.

Only then will we start to build up a routine schedule of clients with which they will work.

Our probationary period is 6 months.

6. Matching Carers to our Clients

Matching Carers to Clients is one of our core areas of expertise.  Getting this right is critical to a package of care being successful and should not be undersold.  Again a good match needs to feel right for the Client and the Carer or it will not work longer term.  Our Care Managers will continually collect feedback through regular visits in the field and office based catch up meetings with staff on how a package of care is going.

Every now and again we don’t get a match quite right – we are not perfect sadly!  We usually know straight away when this happens but in any case we endeavour to make the changes required as soon as we can.

7. Building Strong Relationships with Staff 

We subscribe to the simple notion that if we truly care for and nurture our staff then in turn our clients will be truly cared for a nurtured.

It is always our aim to value, appreciate and encourage our staff for what they do.  In addition we also continually invest in their ongoing development.

There are many things we do to help our staff feel valued and part of our family but here is a few.

  • All our carers are assigned to a Care Manager whose job it is too support and mentor them in their role.
  • Care Managers conduct regular supervisions and field observations with care staff.
  • Regular, often daily interactions occur with carer who know they have their Care Manager on the end of the phone if they ever need them.
  • Regular training sessions
  • We contribute significantly to the costs associated with getting staff at all levels through their SCQFs (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework – Previously Scottish Vocational Qualifications – SVQ)
  • Bi-monthly staff update emails
  • Paper newsletters twice a year
  • Our Care Worker of the month award
  • Regular Office events (Spring Events, Summer family BBQ and Winter events every year)
  • Hold full team meetings periodically
  • Regular requests for filling out our Feedback questionnaires
  • Care Worker Focus groups
  • Our Carers work closely alongside our management team to develop the care arrangements that truly revolve around clients needs, preferences and personality.  For Bright Care, it is all about the little things that on a day to day basis can make such a huge difference.