What are in-home hourly care visits?

Our in-home hourly daytime care visits are the provision of care for elderly loved ones living independently within their own homes. Our visits are always two hours or more, with the same Care Assistant, enabling meaningful relationships to develop. Our Carers and clients are thoughtfully matched during our comprehensive set up process.

Care is available between 7am and 10pm, 365 days a year and our Care Managers are always available to handle any emergency situations with our call-out service. Hourly Care is a starting point, but as needs change we can develop and evolve the care with you, right up to live-in care, overnight care or 24-hour care.

Hourly care brings companionship

We know that isolation and loneliness affect a huge number of older people which is why our regular visits from a consistent carer are so important. Whether it is helping with daily tasks, going on outings or playing games, our Bright Carers bring joy and purpose to our client’s later years. We can help with:

  • Consistent companionship (reading the newspaper, playing games, taking exercise)
  • Support with outings (grocery food shopping, hospital appointments, walks)
  • Help around the house (laundry, vacuuming, dusting)
  • Home-based activities (cooking, baking, gardening)
  • Support at social events (family gatherings, clubs, religious services)
  • Personal hygiene (assistance with washing and getting dressed)
  • Health and well-being (support with medications and exercise)
  • Personal administration (help with forms, letters, paying bills)

Benefits of hourly care

  • Remain at home with bespoke care packages
  • Enjoy companionship and peace of mind
  • Maintain dignity and independence
Hourly care, Bright Carer ironing while her client enjoys his newspaper's reading
Client and Bright Carer preparing a meal together

High quality in-home care allows our clients to retain a level of independence and dignity that might not be matched when staying in a care home.


Cheryl Scott

Registered Branch Manager, Edinburgh

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