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Live In Care at Home

Live in Care is the complete and holistic alternative to residential care. Often, when your care and support needs exceed around 6-8 hours a day it may become necessary to have someone present in your home throughout the day and night to provide that reassurance and a helpful presence.  Often this can prove a very cost effective way to be supported by comparison to hourly care.

What is Live-in Care?

Live In care is provided for clients who need help throughout the day and sometimes at night. In most cases the families and clients we work with want a live-in care worker to provide a reassuring and helpful presence at all hours. Live in Carers will live their lives alongside their clients in their homes and will be on hand to assist with every area of every day life. With Live in care, generally speaking, when you are sleeping, the care worker is sleeping, when you are eating the care worker will eat, when you are out and about, they will be with you.

Live in carers like all of us need opportunities to relax and take a break through out the day and they need to be able to get a good nights sleep. Live in care may not be suitable for someone who needs regular and continual help through the night.

It is important to understand that live in care is different to “24hour care”. This type of care might be required by someone who cannot be left alone at all and requires constant assistance during day and night. This type of provision is explained here.

Live in Care services from Bright Care, while often a long term arrangement can be accessed on a very flexible basis from one day through to indefinitely. Some people use live in care on a permanent basis; some will use it on an ad hoc basis either to provide temporary help while they recover from an illness or to provide respite for a family carer. Some families use us on a temporary cover basis should their main care worker be ill or has a planned holiday.

Most of our Live in care packages are performed with two care workers. Typically splitting the care between them, a few days off, a few days on between them. This allows care workers to schedule any personal meetings, appointments and errands for their time off as to not interfere with the client’s care schedule. It also helps care workers to perform to the best of their ability as they are getting regular breaks from the care environment which they can use to “recharge their batteries”.

Our live in care workers are well-trained and highly experienced and can help with tasks such as:

  • Friendly Companionship
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Helping with the laundry and linen
  • Attending social events, clubs or church services
  • Helping in the garden
  • Going on walks and outings together
  • Assisting you in getting washed and dressed
  • Cooking and Baking Together
  • Vacuuming and dusting around your home
  • Going to hospital appointments together
  • Reading the newspaper with you
  • Helping you fill out forms, letters and paying bills
  • Assisting you with medications

We can also adapt our service to any additional requirements that you may have and meet additional training requirements in our team for more complex conditions for example Parkinson’s, MS, people living with progressed dementia. Beyond this our warm hearted care workers are there to be a caring companion, a helper and most importantly a friend.

As Live in Care is a very comprehensive service, it requires careful management and this makes it at the more expensive end for our services.  We would often encourage families looking into funding long term live in care to speak to a financial planner.  Find out more about our costs here:

A Holistic Live In Care Service in your own Home

We understand that putting live in care in place can be a big step. Often when we first start working with families, live in care may not always be necessary, but it is our goal to be able to accompany families on the journey of care from the initial steps of putting in a few hours of extra help each week right up to when full time live in care is required.

Live in care is a specialised service which requires careful set up and management and we have both the experience and know how to put together a robust and reliable team you can depend on. You will have complete control and say over who these people are and we want to make sure that it is a great match and you get on really well.

At Bright Care we go to great lengths to ensure that each member of our live in home care team is the right fit for our clients not just in personality type but in practical skill set too.  You can find out more about our recruitment and training process for staff here.

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High quality home care allows our clients to retain a level of independence and dignity that might not be matched when staying in a care home.

What does it look and feel like to have Live-In Care in place?

Our white glove service is all about supporting you in your everyday life – it’s not about simply doing things for you. We value your constant input into how we can better serve you.

We strive to match carers with you as effectively as possible and ensure they are capable to do the tasks required of them. This is why we will need to visit you before any support arrangements are put in place to establish what help and assistance you require.

The Care Plan forms the basis of your services. It sets out what is to be done and how it is to be done. It details your wishes and preferences and is the comprehensive guide to your needs. We always welcome your input on this document. It will be regularly updated and amended as often as necessary.

Live in carers have the aim to support you in living the lifestyle you wish. They want to support you get getting the most out of life and continuing to enjoy all the social connections and activities you have in place – even helping you make new ones too.

They will get to know your family and friends and will not unnecessarily intrude on these relationships allowing you your space to enjoy these relationships.

The main environment in which we work is your home but of course we accompany you out and about too. We will not carry out any activities that are not in your best interests or that goes against your wishes.

Usually we are not the only people involved in looking after you. There may be friends, family members, or other healthcare professionals who help you too. We want to do whatever we can to always work effectively alongside these people as well.

Our care manager, who you will meet before any care is put in place and on a regular basis, will have direct responsibility for your package of care. You will always have met your care manager prior to starting to receive help from us. You can contact them at anytime to make changes. They will always keep an eye on the care that you receive and will do their utmost to ensure you are happy at all times.

When is My Care Worker Expected to Work and Rest?

Live in care is broken down into 24 hour periods – given the nature of live in care work it is not reasonable to apply exact allocations for time off. However as a rule of thumb, each live in care worker is expected to work around 8 hours during the normal working day with a further 4 hours worked over the remainder of the 24 hour period. Reasonable breaks should be permitted by the client during this time for a care worker to rest, enabling them to restore energy to provide the highest quality of care. Most clients are happy to remain alone for these periods. But if a client cannot be left alone we may be able to provide a second carer for a few hours each day to enable the live in carer to have a break.

Where does my Care worker Sleep and Eat?

Live in care workers will need their own separate bedroom within your home. They need this space to be able to rest. They will share this room with the alternating carer.

Clients will be required to cover the costs of food and provide clean bedding, as well as adequate cleaning materials for live in care workers to use. With respect to food we advise clients that an additional £30-£40 a week is budgeted for the cost of the groceries. The care worker will do most meal preparation if that is your wish and will usually eat their meals at the same time as you.


  • You tell us us what sort of carer you think will suit you best.
  • Get introduced to your carer before you agree to going ahead.
  • Increase or reduce your care arrangements flexibly over time to suit your needs.
  • Stay in the home you love surrounded by friends and family.
  • Smooth out chaotic pop in care arrangements with one single carer.
  • One to one care and relationship building.
  • Always someone present to assist and help
  • A PA, a driver, a cook, a housekeeper, a carer and friend all rolled into one.
  • Increased sense of reassurance and security in your own home.

 Helpful to Know

  • Live in Care is available seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Fully managed service with regular visits from your car manager.
  • The Carer lives with you in your home and is around 24 hours a day.
  • Typically care workers will work for 8 hours during normal working hours, and then up to a further four hours during the evening or night.
  • Live in home care can include full day-to-day running of the home, all personal care, cooking and companionship.
  • Care is usually provided by two carers who will work together on a rotational basis. Sometimes this could be a week-on week-off basis, sometimes staff worker longer or shorter shifts too, it depends on the client.
  • Care Managers always available to handle any complex emergency situations

Fully customisable hourly home care from Bright Care. Available 24 hours a day with emergency call out service. Get in touch to find out how we might be able to help you.

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