What is overnight care?

Overnight care for elderly people is a common request for us at Bright Care. We understand that care is not only needed during the day. Our comprehensive range of services include overnight elderly in-home care. This is where a Bright Carer will stay in the house through the night to provide assistance and support as required.

Sleep over care provides reassurance that your loved one will be cared for whatever happens through the night. We enable the independence of remaining at home with the peace of mind that we are always on hand.

Care is available 365 days a year and our Care Managers are always available to handle any emergency situations with our call-out service.

Our care during the night is delivered as two options; either a sleepover care service or a waking night service. The cost of these two services differs.


  • Retain independence and dignity.
  • A reassuring presence throughout the night.
  • Knowing that a Bright Carer is there at night, when your loved one feels most vulnerable.
Bright Care's Client sleeping
Bright Care's client waking up in the morning

Sleepover care

Our sleepover care service is when the Bright Carer is given a bed and a quiet place to sleep. They are on duty throughout the night and will wake up to provide assistance, if needed, up to three times each night. Please note that if the carer is likely to be woken up more than three times each night, then Waking Night care is the best care option.

Waking night service

The waking night service is required when a person does not sleep through the night, needs continual attention, and cannot be left alone. In this case, a Bright Carer will stay awake all night to watch, assist and be there for your loved one. Please note that a waking nights service is more expensive than a sleepover care service.