Our Overnight Elderly Home Care

Overnight care for elderly people is a common request for us at Bright Care. Indeed, we understand that care is not only needed during the day. As such, our comprehensive range of services include overnight elderly in-home care too: a Bright Carer will stay in the house through the night to provide assistance and support as required.

The benefits of having an overnight care service in place include peace of mind and reassurance that your loved one will be cared for whatever happens through the night. Our Bright Carers are carefully matched to your needs and will go the extra mile. We are confident that this ethos will shine through the service we provide.

Our care during night is delivered as two options, either a sleepover service or a waking night service.

Bright Care's Client sleeping

Sleepover Care

What is sleepover care?

In a sleepover service, the Bright Carer will require a bed and a quiet place to sleep. They are on duty throughout the night and will wake up to provide assistance, if needed, up to three times. They can be  woken up with a bell or called for assistance. Typically the Bright Carer will wake up immediately if they hear any stirring in the house.

Waking Nights

What is waking night care?

A waking night service is required when a person does not sleep through the night, needs continual attention, and cannot be left alone.  In this case a Bright Carer will stay awake all night to watch and assist and be there for your loved one. A waking nights service is more expensive than a sleepover service.

Bright Care's client waking up in the morning

Helpful To Know

  • Our overnight care is available seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Offered between 10:00pm and 7:00am.
  • It is carefully set up and managed by your appointed Care Manager.
  • It includes access to our emergency call-out service.
  • Our Care Managers are always available to handle any complex emergency situations.


  • Retain independence and dignity that may not be achieved when staying in a care home.
  • A reassuring presence throughout the night.
  • Someone around to assist in the morning with a nice breakfast.
  • Knowing that a Bright Carer is there at night, when your loved one feels most vulnerable.
  • Support with toilet breaks, mobilising to the bathroom or assistance with medication.
  • Get a good night’s rest: alleviates sleep deprivation of any family members involved in the overnight care.

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