Caring for the generation
that first cared for us.

Home Care Pricing

Investing in Peace of Mind

We are aware that people looking into care for the first time may not be aware even of the approximate cost of private care services. When you are looking for private home care for your loved one, the first few questions you might ask are “how much does a live in carer cost?” or “how much do private carers cost?”.

Our home-based care and our expert management of that care is an investment in your peace of mind, knowing that your relative has the most flexible support possible, allowing them to safely maintain their independence.

Our ‘white glove’ service is all about the little details that can make a big difference not only to our elderly clients but equally to the wider families we exist to serve too.

Our pricing does vary slightly between locations as a result of local factors.  There is also variations on rates depending on the days and times in which care is delivered.

However we think it is helpful to give you some approximate costings at this point.

  • Normal Daytime Hourly Rates: Around £21.00 – £26.50 per hour.
  • Public Holiday Daytime Hourly Rates: Around £23.50 – £29.50 per hour.
  • Location Top Up Fee: additional £1.00 more per hour.
  • Sleepover Care: From £125.00 per night
  • Live in Care:  From £1365.00 per week.
  • Set Up Cost: £190.00

We charge a one- off ‘Set Up Fee’ to cover the initial costs and time involved in getting a care package set up, and if you live further afield we may need to charge an additional fee to cover the extra management of your service, known as A Location Top Up.  The care sector is VAT exempt. This means there is no VAT charged on top of our services.

We encourage you to get in touch with one of our local offices where we can talk you through how our services are costed in more detail.  You can also contact our team in the head office on 0131 344 4670 to get a copy of our latest pricing structure for your branch and find out how we can best help you. If your enquiry relates to one of our other offices, thats ok, they can redirect your call and get you speaking to the best person in the office near you.


Q: How do your services dovetail with what is available for free through social services?

A: Social services can provide, for free, some services which upon initial inspection would appear very similar to what Bright Care provide.  Social services can provide something called ‘free personal care’ which typically takes the form of short pop in visits in ones own home and includes light support with things like helping getting washed and dressed and ready for the day, quick meal preparation and medication prompting.  This service is not means tested but can take some time to set up.

This service can and does work for some people, however, we often find that families need significantly more support than what social services can offer, particularly if a level of Dementia has been diagnosed.  People often prefer accessing a much more flexible service in which they feel in control of and one which takes into account the need for socialisation and quality time.

Families also often need the services which are not covered by social services like cleaning, cooking and getting out and about.  Most families choose to use us as a complete alternative to social work service, while some use us as a top up to the council provided service – however this can add to the confusion that can occur with so many different people coming through the home. Sometimes the less people involved in care arrangements, the better.

Just because you choose not to access social service care, does not mean you need to loose out on any tax payer backed entitlement.  You can now receive some money in lieu of services you choose not to access via the local authority and use it as a contribution toward private arrangements.  This arrangement is known as direct payments.


Q: How do you charge me for services and what are the methods of payment?

A: We extend complete trust with our clients and as such offer invoicing terms on everything we provide.  You will be invoiced fortnightly in arrears and you can nominate anyone in the family to take care of this and we will email you the invoices as soon as they are created fortnightly on a Monday.  We accept payment by direct debit, we can assist you in setting this up.  Find out more about planning for the costs of care in our resources section.