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Home-Based Respite Care

We know that caring for a loved one is a huge investment that requires endless patience, love and perseverance. We also know it can be overwhelming at times and it can be difficult to ask for extra help. That’s why we created our home-based respite care service.

What is respite care?

Having some respite service in place will enable you to take a break, recharge your batteries and give you some time-out to catch up on hobbies and interests, run some errands or even go away for a few days with friends.

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Providing family carers with a break, on your terms

This success of this service is all about ensuring you feel completely comfortable with the person who will be providing the care to your loved one, that’s why we ensure there is plenty of time for introductions with the people who we think will work best with you. However, you may change your care worker at any time, if you don’t feel they are a good fit. We pride our self in the knowledge, expertise, skill and attention we channel into laying the foundations for a robust package of care. Find out more about how we do this here.

With Bright Care you can relax knowing that a warm-hearted and well-trained member of care team is there throughout, ensuring your nearest and dearest is well looked after.


Creating a Respite Care Package That Revolves Around You

Being a private respite care provider, means that you are in the driving seat, and we will tailor our service to the needs of the person we are caring for. Whether a few hours during the day is required, overnight respite care for elderly relatives is needed, or a more comprehensive arrangement over a few days needs to be put in place, we can guide you through the process of getting something set up.

With private respite care for older people, we understand that flexibility is an important factor so we provide a service that is fully adaptable.


  • Remaining in the comfort on one’s own home is keeps everyone settled.
  • Choose exactly how you want your care to look and what times it will be at.
  • Very good continuity of care.
  • No short shift patterns and with your normal routines maintained
  • One-to-one care for the duration of the visits.
  • Pay only for the care that you need.
  • Dementia care is a form of respite care

Helpful to Know

  • Available seven days a week, 365 days of the year.
  • Offered from two hours or more per visit.
  • Can be used on an as-needed basis.
  • Available during the daytime, overnight or full live in.
  • Commonly used in three to five hour blocks during the day.
  • Often used for long weekends in the form of live in care.
  • Carefully set up and managed by your appointed care manager.
  • Includes access to our emergency call-out service.

Contact your local office for more information

What Respite Care Costs

The cost of our respite care service is based on your specific needs of the client and is not a “one size fits all”. However it is usually calculated as an hourly cost. By simply calling us, one of our friendly staff will be able to set an appointment to come out and see you to discuss your needs and tailor a respite service to suit you.

Alternatively, you can simply click on the links below to access a contact form for your area. Send us your details and we will get back to you ASAP to find out more about your situation and provide you all the information you need in order to make a decision.

Specialists in privately delivered home care

Respite Care is perfect as an alternative to the limitations of statutory care which is becoming increasingly insufficient. Private care provides people with choice and control over the care that they receive.  We lead the field in providing high quality care exclusively for self-funding clients in Scotland.  Hourly Care is a starting point, but as need change we can develop and evolve you care package with you right up to live in care or 24 hour care.

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