Our Welcome Home Service

Returning Home to Warmth & Comfort

Most often this service is provided to ensure our clients can get themselves back to the comfort of their homes as quickly, smoothly and safely.  Sometimes our clients are very keen to get back home but will not be discharged until a suitable care package has been put in place to support them back at home.  It’s never ideal to have to stay in hospital longer than is really necessary – we can get you home on your terms.

This service is for someone who may have family or friends, who for whatever reason are unable to help someone get home from hospital. We can be present to help them get settled in and provide support and assistance wherever needed.

Caring for someone after a hospital stay is so much more than just performing household tasks. At Bright Care we know that support and encouragement is important as well as simply having a companion to rely on.

We provide a service that is completely flexible so it can be tailored to suit your loved ones particular needs.

Our All Inclusive Packages Offer:

  •    Preparing home for your arrival
  •    Help to pack bags and collect laundry
  •    Pick up groceries on the way home
  •    Putting on the kettle
  •    Unpacking bags
  •    Doing the Laundry
  •    Meet and greet at the hospital
  •    Provide transportation
  •    Assistance back onto one’s home
  •    Attending to any household tasks
  •    Preparing a meal
  •    Providing friendly companionship along the way

Helpful to Know

  • Available seven days a week, 365 days of the year
  • Offered from six hours or more per visit.
  • Can be used on an as-needed basis.
  • Available during the daytime
  • Fully set up and managed service
  • Includes access to our emergency call-out service

Making it a Warm Welcome Home

While our services are always customisable, the friendly welcome home service is organised to ensure that having been brought safely home, it should feel like you had never been away. This means preparing the home for your arrival, shopping for groceries and supplies, picking up prescriptions, assisting with any hospital instructions and just being there to help with settling in.

As part of setting up the service, a short in-facility assessment in hospital can be done in order to meet the client and determine full care needs.  We will also need to determine your longer term needs and look to put together and robust arrangement that can support you in your home for as long as you need it.

Of course if there are any additional requirements that need taken care of we are happy to adapt the service to suit. Give us a call and we can talk you through everything we can offer and get an idea of specifically what your loved one needs from us.

You can also reach us by email or access our quick contact form via the link below.