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We know that our Bright Carers are our best asset. That is why, when recruiting new Care Assistants, we only employ exceptional applicants and provide them with comprehensive elder care training. By doing this, we can ensure that our clients only ever receive the very best in-home care and companionship.

Bright Care Training Academy

All of our new recruits attend a four-day intensive home care course before they are matched with our clients. In order to stay at the forefront of the care industry, our care training is regularly updated and developed in line with the most recent guidelines.

We recently spoke with our Head of the Bright Care Training Academy, Nichola, to find out how things have been progressing since she took on the position in July 2023.


What changes has the Bright Care Training Academy seen since you took over?


  • All of our training has had a revamp and has been updated to the latest standards. 
  • We have created new training sessions and the older training has been abbreviated. More opportunities are now offered for self-directed learning following the formal group learning.
  • There has been an increase in the number of Carers attending our training due to more training days being available. This has brought about more flexibility with a mix of classroom-based and virtual training.
  • We have produced social media posts to increase awareness of the Training Academy. Also, ‘Indeed’ reviews have been used to encourage new Carers to join Bright Care.

Can you tell us about the training programmes offered and how they are delivered?

Everyone receives a classroom-based Onboarding within their first week where they can build relationships and share best practice. Subjects covered include Medication Management, Moving and Handling, Safeguarding, Food Safety, Infection Prevention, Person Centred Personal Care, Dementia and more.

After six months, our Bright Carers receive additional Safeguarding/Adult Support and Protection training and Dementia Awareness training. Every 18 months they complete refresher training for Medication Management and Moving and Handling.

We are also developing additional optional training sessions to cover diabetes, end of life, palliative care and home cooking. To meet the needs of our Carers, we can offer virtual training, as well as within the classroom.

What sets the Bright Care Training Academy apart in terms of content, teaching methodologies and learning outcomes?

We are constantly adapting and developing new teaching techniques, in order to make the training more fun and easier to follow. A lot of the training is discussion based. This allows our Carers to share their experiences and demonstrate how they can transfer skills from previous roles.

We are planning to make parts of our training more self-directed, whereby we give the Carers a subject to research, which they can present to the group for discussion. We are trying to encourage our Carers to be more involved in their own Continuous Professional Learning.

We plan to provide the learning foundation for our Carers followed by signposting them towards what we want them to know and learn. We also encourage our Carers to tell us what they want to acquire knowledge of, so we can guide them on how to achieve their goals and create their own personalised learning outcomes.

How does the training stay up-to-date with industry trends and advancements?

We endeavour to attend open virtual meetings through the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and attend events such as the Care Roadshow to stay up-to-date with the care industry. If a particular subject is brought into question or needs revised, we carry out discussions with care industry experts, both internally and externally to Bright Care.

Can you share any success stories that highlight the impact of the training on the professional development of a Carer?

During our Onboarding process, we have frequently discovered that our Carers have not been aware of the Continuous Professional Learning opportunities and the benefits they bring following completion. When new Carers join Bright Care, they are encouraged from week one to keep a record of any Continuous Professional Learning they undertake. We ask them to reflect on their learning and apply it to their new role. We find this reflection element to be a great motivator for discussions within the classroom and helps our Carers to learn from each other.

What are your future plans for the Bright Care Training Academy?

Long term, my aim is to have all of our internal training courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) officially certified. This will demonstrate our commitment to deliver high-quality training and resulting excellence within the care sector.

I plan to create a Bright Care curriculum and Workbook that encompasses the key information from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Care Certificates in England and the Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ) requirements in Scotland. I would like to design a Bright Care Workbook that sets out what it means to be a Bright Carer and reinforces the idea of Continuous Professional Learning.

Home care course
Home care training from Bright Care

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