How we care for those who deliver private care at home

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At Bright Care, we feel it is important to show appreciation for our hard-working and dedicated Care Assistants. As every individual is unique, it is important to adapt how we show our appreciation in order to suit their personality.

We value our staff because they are at the forefront of everything we do. Taking care of those who provide private care at home is crucial to delivering the best care for the elderly person they are looking after. We know that by keeping our Carers happy, they in turn will do everything they can to keep our clients happy and well cared for. 

Private care at home Carers
Here are some meaningful ways we express our gratitude to our exceptional Care Assistants:


  • Robust training, so they are informed and confident in their role as a Carer.
  • Our Carers receive a living wage and benefits, such as paid holiday, paid mileage, a pension scheme, sick pay and maternity/paternity pay.
  • Provide words of encouragement and say thank you. These simple words can go a long way to making someone feel recognised and valued.
  • A listening ear in the form of advocate support via our dedicated Care Managers.
  • Each Bright Care branch arranges appreciation days; these include pamper days, recognition events and summer parties.
  • Share their story by featuring them on our social media channels. Naomi’s story is just one example.
  • We offer professional development opportunities to all of our staff.


For the important work of caring for their clients, we find that sincere and genuine appreciation goes a long way in making our Care Assistants feel valued and motivated.

Why choose Bright Care for your private care at home?

We offer private elder care within the comfort of people’s own homes. Our care services are delivered by exceptionally well-trained Care Assistants, who are supported by knowledgeable office staff.

The award-winning care services we offer include:


  • Regular companionship and genuine social support.
  • Help with daily personal care activities (getting dressed, washing, going to the toilet).
  • Help with housework, preparation of meals and shopping.
  • Support with the administration of medications.
  • Company and support with running errands and attending appointments.
  • Assistance with reading and handling household administrative tasks.
  • Time together to spend playing games, reading, baking and gardening.

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If you would like to join our team providing private care at home for those in their later years, please get in touch.

If you would like to know more about the private care at home we offer, our team can talk you through our various in-home care services, so please get in touch.

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