The benefits of being a care worker at Bright Care

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At Bright Care we rely on our exceptional care workers, to build meaningful relationships that significantly improve the quality of their clients’ lives.

Quality health care and compassionate companionship is at the heart of what we do. Our Bright Carers are ‘person first’, not ‘task first’.  Our two hour minimum visits allow meaningful relationships to develop, and our client-centricity is what sets our team of care workers apartOur recruitment process and training are very thorough, that’s because we take pride in finding the right people to join our team, which means we only hire the highest calibre of care workers

We’re not a care agency, so when working for us you’ll have the full support of our office-based care team every step of the way. We offer our care workers first-class training, excellent pay rates and benefits, salaried carer roles and paid mileage, career development to realise your potential, visiting, overnight and live-in roles available.

Our care worker, Naomi’s Story

Recently, our hourly care worker, Naomi, was delighted to be offered an amazing opportunity to support her long-standing client, Mr R, to enjoy a week’s holiday in Tenerife. 

The trip involved a lot of forward planning between the office management, Naomi, our client and his wife in order to ensure the desired outcome for Mr R’s was achievable. After many hours of planning and putting the plans into action, Mr R had an excellent holiday with Naomi providing live-in style support. As she has a long-term, close working relationship with Mr R, Naomi was able to provide support with all his needs. 

The hotel in Tenerife had all the facilities required to ensure a comfortable stay for wheelchair users. Together Mr R and Naomi experienced new things, and together they enjoyed the sunshine, swimming, shopping, and a very choppy boat trip. Using her moving and handling skills and abilities, Naomi was able to assist Mr R into the swimming pool using the appropriate moving and handling equipment provided by the hotel.

The holiday was a success. A massive thank you to Mr R for trusting Bright Care to support him on this trip and to Naomi for making it happen.

When asked about the holiday, Mr R said, “I really enjoyed the experience. Naomi was wonderful. The hotel was wonderful and well adapted for wheelchair users. I definitely want to go back, as there are more things in Tenerife that I would like to see.”

Although supporting a client on holiday is not a regular occurrence, we believe that becoming a care worker with Bright Care will give you the opportunity to bring joy, purpose and meaningful experiences to people in later life.

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Our team would be delighted to hear your story and explore how you can start your Bright Care journey.

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