Our front-line health care workers

What makes our care workers special?

We recognise that our accomplishments rely on the retention of exceptional care workers, and we take pride in finding the right people to join our team. Our reputation, along with our first-class recruitment process, means we only hire the highest calibre of carers. This is why only 1 in every 200 applicants are employed by Bright Care as Care Assistants.

Whilst there are many attributes that make our front-line health care workers great, we primarily hire people based on their character, attitude and alignment with our ethos and values. Our values are:

Can Do


  • Positive, with an energetic approach to life.
  • Proactive in everything.
  • Light on our feet, nimble & efficient.

Own It

  • Take personal responsibility.
  • Take pride in everything we do.
  • Keep getting better.
  • Know yourself to lead yourself.

Championing People

  • Celebrate people growing & succeeding in life & work.
  • Always up for honest conversations.
  • Find & grow everyone’s spark.

One Team

  • The whole business works as one.
  • Everyone has each other’s backs.
  • We value camaraderie and having fun together.
  • It’s amazing how much can be achieved when no one minds who gets the credit.

Companionship care

Quality health care and compassionate companionship are at the heart of our values. Our Bright Carers are expertly matched with their clients and are always focused on the individual needs of the client. Our Bright Carers develop meaningful relationships with their clients and can therefore have a significant impact on the quality of their clients’ lives.

Bright Carers having a nice chat together
Bright Carer and her client enjoying tea and scones at a cafe

Key qualities in our care workers

To ensure the perfect match, our Bright Carers are as diverse as our clients, with different backgrounds, experiences and interests. It is important however that each Bright Carer brings:

  • Life-experience
  • Positive attitude
  • Reliability

First-class training

All our health care workers, regardless of previous experience, go through our on-boarding training. This is an intensive five-day course at our in-house Bright Care Training Academy. All front-line health care workers must also complete four e-learning modules and be fully PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) compliant if they work in Scotland and hold DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificates if they work in England. We do this to fully equip our carers for their role and give peace of mind to our clients and their families.

The magic in our care company is found in the exceptional quality of our people.


Tim Cocking

Founder and Managing Director

I enjoy working with Bright Care as it is a supportive organisation with a strong sense of quality and high standards. I appreciate the approachable, helpful staff and the training and ongoing support provided. I take great pride in my work as a Companion Carer, helping people to live as independently as possible in their own homes.


I love my job as a carer and companion and feel that we, as individual carers, and Bright Care as an organisation, make such a difference to our clients’ daily lives. That is what it is all about – making a difference, which is so rewarding! I feel incredibly valued as a Bright Care employee and have never felt happier in my working life.


Working with Bright Care is more than just a 'job' it gives you a sense of pride, achievement and fulfillment - making a difference to the vulnerable within our communities. Behind you are a great team of colleagues that are always there to give support and advice


Coming to work at Bright Care was the best decision I ever made, it was like being welcomed into an extended family of supportive colleagues and staff members. I can honestly say that I wake up each morning and look forward to going to work and doing something different every day with my clients.


Find out more about our hiring process or apply to become a Bright Carer below.