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Our Companion Carers

We recognise that the continued success and strength of our business depends on our ability to recruit the highest calibre of care worker to care for our clients. Our industry experience and rigorous recruitment process enables us to retain only the very best Companion Carers for our clients.

Whilst there are so many attributes that make our carers great. we are primarily hiring people based on their character, attitude and alignment with our ethos and values.

What is a Companion Carer?

Quality companionship is at the heart of everything a true companion carer does. Companion carers are ‘person first’ not ‘task driven’ in their approach to supporting people. Only from a foundation of meaningful relationship and quality time can a carers work be effective and fulfilling and have a significant impact on the quality of their clients’ lives and the quality of the relationships they hold with family and friends.

At BrightCare we don’t just pick anyone to look after our clients – it has to be the right person.

Who are our Companion Carers?

Our carers are as diverse as our clients so that we have the best possible chance of matching the perfect carer for each client. We believe the ability to care for another is something that is innate and each Companion Carer has been carefully selected on the basis of who they are as a person, and the positive difference that their life experiences can bring to the lives of our clients.


Specially Trained for the Job

Companion carers should always be warm-hearted, kind individuals.  We believe quality care cannot really be taught as such, people either have it or they don’t.  They are driven by a genuine desire to care for and love others through the building of a meaningful relationship.  They always wants to see that their work is making a difference to their clients.

Professionally and competently delivered tasks are of course very much part of the remit of our staff and they will carry out these duties with kindness, candor, attention to detail and service.  They are skilled in all aspects of caring for people from cooking and cleaning through to every aspect of ones personal care needs.

They are trained through our Training Academy to work effectively with families to hone every aspect of what they do to maximise the benefits of having care in place and should never feel they need to rush to get things done.

We are very thorough on our recruitment process to ensure we get the right quality of staff joining our team.  Find out more about our recruitment process here



From 2hr to 24hr Live-In Carers

As we age, our pace of life naturally slows down. To enable our carers to work at the pace of our clients we work to a 2 hour visit model. Sometimes care workers will only support one client per day, other times they may travel between two or three clients over the course of a day.

‘The magic in our care company is found in the exceptional quality of our people’ – Tim Cocking, Managing Director.

What do we look for in our Carers?…

  • People who have a very positive attitude to life and caring for others.
  • People who are humble, gentle and well mannered in their nature
  • People who are emotionally intelligent.  They have an innate ability to assess what is going on in a situation, how everyone is feeling,  how they will likely respond and adjust their behaviour accordingly.
  • People who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and are always happy to learn and grow and accept constructive feedback.
  • Following the above non-negotiable characteristics, we also look at the following attributes:
  • To what extent do they understand and value the importance of socialisation in caring for older people.
  • What life experience do they have in caring for others and do their practical abilities align with their positive character attributes?
  • Are they seeking long-term relationships with clients and the company?
  • Do they have the potential to grow into an ‘Ambassador’ for Bright Care.
  • Our staff must also have consistent and flexible week by week availability.
  • The majority of our staff are also drivers with cars.

I enjoy working with Bright Care as it is a supportive organisation with a strong sense of quality and high standards. I appreciate the approachable, helpful staff and the training and ongoing support provided. I take great pride in my work as a Companion Carer, helping people to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

Alison JohnstonEdinburgh Office

I love my job as a carer and companion and feel that we, as individual carers, and Bright Care as an organisation, make such a difference to our clients’ daily lives. That is what it is all about – making a difference, which is so rewarding! I feel incredibly valued as a Bright Care employee and have never felt happier in my working life.

Donna KellyGlasgow South

Working with Bright Care is more than just a 'job' it gives you a sense of pride, achievement and fulfillment - making a difference to the vulnerable within our communities. Behind you are a great team of colleagues that are always there to give support and advice

Yvonne ToughGlasgow South

Coming to work at Brightcare was the best decision I ever made, it was like being welcomed into an extended family of supportive colleagues and staff members. I can honestly say that I wake up each morning and look forward to going to work and doing something different every day with my clients.

Kiera ScamblerDunbartonshire Office

Find out more about our hiring process or applying to become a Companion Carer below.

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