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A Message From Tim Cocking, Founder & Managing Director
November, 2020

“We recently reviewed our care services in the Highlands and made the strategic decision to not take on further families looking for our care. The decision was not made lightly, but as I am sure you will understand, challenging times call for challenging decisions.

The hardest part of the decision-making process was the inevitable impact this would have on some of our team members in the Highlands. Together with the Registered Branch Manager, Lianne, we worked to ensure that there was a smooth transition for each family and Bright Carer affected by the decision.

Alongside Lianne, we looked at new opportunities for her within the business, but in the end it was mutually agreed we would support her to pursue new opportunities closer to her home. Please join me in thanking Lianne for the excellent work she’s done and wishing her the best of luck for her future.”

Client and Bright Carer preparing a meal together
Bright Care's client smiling while his Bright Carer adjusts his bed

If you’re based in the Highlands, our nearest branch is likely to be Perth, and if you would like some help thinking through care options for your family, our team would be happy to listen.

You may also find our Tools & Resources section useful if you’re considering care for your family.