Our Mission

At Bright Care we believe that every elderly person should be able to live out their later years with dignity and security in the comfort of their own homes.
We pride ourselves on making this possible in collaboration with sons and daughters, with whom we create care packages that are made just for their loved ones.
Our bespoke range of elderly in-home care services to self-funding families is the exact care, companionship, and assistance at home that our clients need, without engaging with local authority care.
Our professionally trained Bright Carers have already helped more than 700 families across the UK, allowing sons and daughters to have full peace of mind when using our services.

Our Values

We have six core values. These are not vacuous values, rather, they play out in our day-to-day experiences of the company. They explain what matters most to us in the pursuit of our mission, and how we find purpose in what we do.

What Makes Us Unique

We find joy in alleviating the stress and frustrations associated with sourcing quality care provision for family members, and empowering elderly people – who just need supporting – to live at home.

We are for self-funding families.

By strategically choosing not to engage with council services, it means we can offer a fully bespoke and premium service.

We provide a fully-managed service.

This means we take the stress out of managing care provision yourself, so you can spend more quality time as a family.

We are regulated.

This means we are regularly reviewed by the Care Inspectorate and the Care Quality Commission, the single regulatory bodies for social care services set up by the Scottish and English Governments.

We go the whole way.

We don’t believe in remaining at home ‘for as long as possible’. Instead, with the right foundations and resources, we believe it possible for elderly people to live out their days with dignity and grace in the comfort of their own homes.

We focus on relationships.

With visits from two hours or more, we place huge importance on building quality and meaningful relationships. We know that having a consistent face is imperative to providing premium care.

We excel at supporting elderly people.

By only focusing on this group, we have become experts in elderly care.