Our Purpose & Values

At Bright Care, we believe that home is best. 

We love that our consistent and undivided support means remaining at home is possible for elderly loved ones, so they can continue bringing their greatest contribution to life.

Our team finds joy in uncompromisingly dedicating themselves to supporting the changing needs of our clients, and by working alongside families to make this possible.

We also love that our award-winning care is provided by small and local teams, so we are in the best position to be there for our families every step of the way. 

With more than 700 families putting their trust in us, it continues to be our utmost privilege and honour to provide the peace and assurance that comes from knowing elderly loved ones are safe and well supported.

Our Purpose

Our employees realise the joy of belonging to a dream team, with everyone positioned for their greatest contribution, bringing families complete assuredness as their loved ones are supported to continue bringing their greatest contribution to life in later years.

Our Values

At the basis of our purpose there are three core values. These are not vacuous values, rather, they play out in our day-to-day experiences of the company. They explain what matters most to us in the pursuit of our mission, and how we find purpose in what we do.

  • Looking In The Mirror. With courage and humility, we look in the mirror and take ownership of the strengths and weaknesses that we see in ourselves. We embrace the journey of learning and growing in our potential to ensure that we are always positioned for our greatest contribution.
  • Committing To Each Other’s Highest Good. With courage, we fight for each other’s highest possible good. We uncover and call out the potential in one another and lean into the honest conversations that help us to overcome any behaviours which could limit this potential.
  • Journeying Together United As One. With courage, we invest in long-term relationships where we work interdependently, knowing that our colleagues have our backs. We hold fast to the unwavering belief that together we will always prevail.

What Makes Us Unique

We find joy in alleviating the stress and frustrations associated with sourcing quality care provision for family members, and empowering elderly people – who just need supporting – to live at home.

We Are For Self-Funding Families

By choosing not to engage with council services, it means we can offer a fully bespoke and premium service.

We Provide A Fully-Managed Service

We are uncompromisingly dedicated to supporting the changing needs of those you love. Our team’s total focus on your family takes the stress out of managing care every step of the way.

We Are Regulated

Our care is consistently graded at the highest levels by care regulators, so you can rest assured that your family will be well looked after by our team.

We Journey Alongside You

We don’t believe in remaining at home ‘for as long as possible’. With the right foundations and resources, we make it possible for those you love to continue bringing their greatest contribution to life in the comfort of their own home.

We Focus On Relationships

We carefully match your loved ones with our Bright Carers, and with visits from two hours or more, we place huge importance in nurturing genuine and meaningful relationships.

We Are Experts In Senior Care

We believe caring for the elderly goes way beyond routine tasks and by only focusing on the over 65s, we have become experts in this age group. Our care and companionship allow those you love to continue flourishing in later years.