5 characteristics of a trustworthy care provider

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Choosing who you want to provide your care or care for a family member can seem daunting. There are lots of organisations out there all with their own claims and specialities and it’s hard to know who you can trust. Often media scare stories shape us into naturally thinking the worst and finding it increasing difficult to know the signs of a good care organisation. We have compiled a list of 5 characteristics which we think indicate a trustworthy and honest care provider. We truly hope this helps you on your journey of finding a great company to work with.

1. Believe in the boss first

Good culture flows from the top of an organisation. Find out who owns the business. Who is the the CEO? What is their track record? What do people say about them? Are they respected in their community? At a local level, meeting the manager is essential. Transparency is essential with the Care Manager, they should be open to telling you about themselves and the experience they have gained in care.  A great manager will hire and develop great staff. Staff that one day with be so well mentored by the manager they will soon exceed the capabilities of the manager themselves. If you don’t like the manager, you can rest assured, you wont like their choice of staff either.

2. Are open about past mistakes

When you get to the point of speaking to an organisation they should always be open and honest about their past mistakes and what they have learned from them. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions. If they become cagey or defensive, they may not be right for you. So… ask the question.

3. Accepts constructive feedback well

They should always be keen to learn and improve, if you have any suggestions for them about how they can do things better then let them know. The information you give them should be received in a positive way. If they look at you like you have three heads, they may not be the right fit for you.

4. Local people providing a local service

A trustworthy care organisation will always exist in their local community that they provide their service in. They are not fly by night, they have a real local presence and a local reputation to loose. This ensures accountability and builds trust and relationship with the families they help to support. This also shows that they actually care about the people and communities around them.

5. Very particular about hiring the right type of people

They will be very fussy about who they hire. They will demand a very high quality of local care staff for their business. Ask them about their recruitment and training process. What is the ratio of applicants they typically hire. Good providers will always have a thorough and robust process for both. Take a look at our recruitment process to get some ideas.

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