Being A Bright Carer During COVID-19

We asked Adriana, from Bright Care Cranleigh, a few questions about being a Bright Carer during COVID-19. Read here what Adriana told us:

How long have you been at Bright Care?

I started with Bright Care in the beginning of November 2019 and was one of the first carers here in England.

How did you feel about working at the frontline when the pandemic started?

It genuinely didn’t phase me at all and quite frankly I was relieved to be working! I couldn’t imagine sitting at home for months on end. At the same time it felt good to be able to continue providing an essential service to people who really needed us.

Have you had to interact differently with clients during COVID-19? 

Yes, but only in the sense that we had to maintain our distance, wear the full PPE and couldn’t take our clients out. Other than that, nothing much changed. On the other hand, it was extremely hard on our clients and one could clearly see how not seeing and physically interacting with their families negatively affected them.

What did you like about the Bright Care way of facing the crisis? 

The fact that Bright Care made the decision not to take on new clients nor new carers in order to protect us might have been what stood us in good stead, since we had no COVID-19 cases at all. I thought that was a really well thought-through and selfless decision. To me, it showed how we, as Bright Carers, are valued in the company and I certainly appreciated it. Equally, we were kept in the loop of how things were progressing all the time via emails, telephone calls and Zoom meetings, which never made us feel as if we were on our own. We had Bright Care’s full support during the entire crisis.