Financial Planning

Financial planning

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Paying for care: 5 step how to guide

The prospect of paying for care can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. Many of us think that all of the costs are covered by the state when paying for care, while others fear having to sell their homes to do so. We have debunked the myths and... Read More
Companionship care

5 tips for planning financially for long term care

1. Know the real costs and what you might be able to get local authority help with. Before you start speaking to providers of elderly care services it is helpful to have a general understanding of what care usually costs and what parts you can sometimes get for free. Check... Read More

5 common misunderstandings about direct payments in Scotland

It may be helpful to read our Guide to Accessing Free Personal Care we well as reading this article. 1. The council has only offered me 6 hours a week so is that all I can get? Firstly, the council will assess your needs based on how many ‘hours’ of care... Read More