Caring for the generation
that first cared for us.

Where To Start

Prepare For Care

How to Prepare for the Care of an Elderly Relative

Prepare for Home Care for Elderly Relatives We recently asked the sons and daughters of our elderly clients for their top tips on how to prepare for elderly home care…

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5 Common Frustrations that Families may have in dealing with In-home Care Providers

  1. Poor communication from the office This is always top of the list! Poor or inadequate communications from the office surrounding the care arrangements of a loved one can…

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Should I hire my own private carer?

Hiring someone yourself may give you more choice and control over who cares for you and what tasks they do. However, before going down this road, there is a lot…

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Weighing up the advantages of ‘fully managed’ care at home services over privately hiring someone

Using a fully managed service, like Bright Care to care for you in your own home will always work out more expensive than hiring someone privately to work for you…

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Where do I start looking for Care?

When you are looking for care, you first need to ask yourself: Where do I want to be cared for? In-home care (where the care worker comes to your own…

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5 Common Misconceptions and Myths about care

1. The common misconception: Care is free, isn’t it?  The truth: Care isn’t free.  Most care needs to be paid for by you.  There is some care that is means tested but there…

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5 Characteristics of a Trustworthy Care Provider

Choosing who you want to provide your care or care for a family member can seem daunting. There are lots of organisations out there all with their own claims and…

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12 Quality Questions to ask when Selecting a Care Provider

Finding the right care provider to look after a loved one could sometimes be a time consuming and confusing process. It can be hard to understand what really makes the…

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