Working in Care

Working in care

Resources for Carers

Whether you are a professional carer or an unpaid carer looking after a loved one, there is no doubt that it could sometimes be overwhelming trying to find the right information to help you deliver the best possible care. There is a plethora of external resources out there that can... Read More

The Rewards of being a Bright Carer

Caring for vulnerable people and people in need, carries a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that only comes when you engage in helping others, and in the act of giving. Yvonne Care Assistant, Bright Care Being a Bright Carer Having a care work job can often be viewed as challenging,... Read More
Yvonne, Bright Carer

A day in the life of a Bright Carer

My name is Yvonne and I am a care worker for Bright Carer, which means I visit my matched clients in the comfort of their own homes. I love my job as no two days are ever the same. I have made great relationships with both my colleagues and clients,... Read More

What it takes to be a Bright Carer

Caring for elderly people requires many natural skills, that are not easily taught at college or at training courses. Empathy, patience, good listening and a cheerful attitude are a few key personality traits that are essential to provide meaningful support to an elderly person and to create a relevant and... Read More
Bright Carer smiling

5 steps to creating happy carers

It's not easy to become a Bright Carer. Our selection, interview and training programmes are rigorous and aim to identify the best of the best; those people that we are genuinely excited to work with on a daily basis. We only hire people who have a great attitude, and are... Read More