Our Moving & Handling Workshops

It’s vitally important to be able to assist an elderly person to move in a manner that is both safe for the person being moved, as well as the assistant. Our free workshop, which is open to all, will enable you to do this.

We run regular workshops on safe moving and handling techniques, that are based on theory (providing the basis for understanding how to keep ourselves and our loved ones/clients safe when we support) as well as practical work.

You Will Learn:


  • The legal aspect: what legislation exists and how it affects you
  • The causes and effects of musculoskeletal injuries
  • How to prevent musculoskeletal injuries (at home and at work)
  • Understanding how to assess risk

In Practice:


During the practical part of the training, you will have a chance to practice some safe moves including:

  • Supporting someone while they walk
  • Helping someone get up from a chair
  • Supporting someone to sit down
  • Tips on using a wheelchair safely