Our Care & COVID-19

Keeping Our Bright Care Clients and Employees Safe

At Bright Care, the safety of our highly-valued clients and employees has always been of the utmost importance long before the unforeseen spread of COVID-19.

Our robust and long-standing Infection Control Policy continues to be a powerful weapon against infections and viruses, and with the nuances and onset of COVID-19, we’ve been able to quickly and efficiently adapt our rigorous health and safety measures, ensuring we protect our workforce, our clients, and their family members.

Furthermore, we complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19, and in each of our branches you can find on display the COVID-19 Risk Assessment certificate, which you can also view here.

Period Of Strategic Adjustment

On 16th March 2020, Bright Care entered a period of significant adjustment where we decided to suspend bringing new clients and families into our business. All our attention was focused on maintaining, meeting, and delivering with excellence the care services required for our existing clients and their families only. We suspended recruiting new staff into the organisation too to ensure we minimised and efficiently managed the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

This strategy was extremely effective, and at the beginning of June 2020, we slowly opened our doors again to a small handful of families who had waited patiently for our services to begin again.

We Are Here To Listen

Our doors are now fully open to keep new families closer together with our support. Wherever you are in your care journey, we would love to hear your story, talk through options, and start meaningful conversations about how you can keep those you love safe and well supported.

Please get in touch with our team to see what’s possible for your family.

Mandatory Uniform & PPE

Our designated PPE team worked hard in the background during the infancy of COVID-19 and quickly and seamlessly put in place a sustainable, long-term PPE specification for our Bright Carers and clients, where appropriate. This includes both a new, mandatory, normal uniform, and a further upgraded ‘COVID-treatment’ uniform. Amongst others, this includes separate shoes for in-home use, gloves, aprons and overshoes, face masks and hand sanitiser. We also have material face masks available for all clients if they wish to wear one too.

Face Masks

We have sourced material masks which are made of materials designed for those with skin issues and no elastic strapping, giving much greater comfort and style, and are a longer-term solution than disposable masks. Our masks are offered to every client too if they can benefit from them, included as part of our service.

Hand Sanitiser

One of the biggest successes from our PPE team was the specialised production of Bright Care hand sanitiser, following the World Health Organisation formula. With 80% alcohol content, it has a 10% higher alcohol content than average stock. Moreover, all bottles are refillable and reusable.


For extra protection we have also introduced tabards which remain in clients’ homes. Bright Carers wear these over their uniform, putting them on and taking them off at the start and end of each visit, as well as using disposable aprons on top again for when these are required for certain tasks.

Uniform For Caring For COVID Symptoms

We have a second, even more comprehensive, uniform should any of our Bright Carers find themselves providing care to clients with COVID.

Bright Care Hand Sanitiser

Bright Care Face Mask

Additional Measures

Testing Available for Carers

The UK Government continues to roll out their testing program to include all frontline social care workers and household members who may have active symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, if any of our workforce or their household develop COVID-like symptoms they can be tested and have definitive results in 48 hours.

We still hold firm to our very strict policy that should any Bright Carer, or member of their household, develop symptoms, they should inform their local branch immediately and self-isolate for 14 days, but this testing is an extra layer of defense against exposing clients or colleagues to the virus.

Social Distancing

Everyone who works in our office-based roles, who is reasonably able to work at home, is doing so for the foreseeable future. We have put in place a set of measures and guidelines for all staff to ensure we fully protect the confidential nature of what we do and the data we handle. 

For our employees that still need to work at their local branch for essential meetings or training, there is a maximum number of people allowed to enter a room (the number depends on the room size), and they are all following very strict rules about hygiene and social distancing. We have additional guidelines in place for anyone visiting our branches, and these are communicated prior to any meetings.

Thank You To Our Bright Carers

Inspired by the poem ‘To A Bright Carer‘, written by Keira Scambler, the Registered Branch Manager of our Glasgow branch, we created this short video to celebrate our wonderful workforce and our unwavering frontline heroes. Their dedication to clients is nothing short of outstanding.

What Our Clients Say

Above And Beyond

I engaged Bright Care just before the restrictions started to provide additional support to my mother. I have been very impressed with both the managements approach and that of individual carers. Their anticipation of issues, responsiveness and genuine care has been much appreciated during difficult times. Thank you.

My Mother Has Been Very Well Supported

Throughout the recent pandemic of COVID-19, I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism, caring attitude and flexibility of all of the Bright Care staff. Nothing was too much trouble and we solved issues together. My mother has been very well supported. Thank you.