Caring for the generation
that first cared for us.

Mrs Elizabeth Parker

Pictured here in Japan enjoying the tranquillity of a traditional Japanese Garden with her late husband and her daughter is Elizabeth Patricia Parker.

Elizabeth is a lover of art and music. Throughout her life she has enjoyed visiting museums, galleries and musical performances, particularly with her daughter Helen.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with dementia in 2013 and Bright Care has been supporting her since April 2016 following the death of her beloved husband just a few months prior, who was her primary carer. Our relationship with Elizabeth began as short visits for just a few hours a week. Now we support Elizabeth with much longer visits, including live-in care on an as-needed basis.

Elizabeth now lives with her daughter Helen, who is a University Lecturer in Japanese Studies. They rely on Alison, her Bright Care Companion Carer to help look after not only Elizabeth’s practical needs, but also her emotional needs.

Alison supports Mrs. Parker with personal care, medication administration, meal preparation and helps to keep their home clean, tidy, well-stocked and cosy.

In addition, Alison also provides quality companionship and often escorts Mrs Parker to museums, art galleries and Helen’s choir performances, so she can continue to enjoy the pursuits that gave her so much pleasure in the past.

Helen said of Bright Care…

“We were first attracted to Bright Care because of the commitment to providing care to support elderly people so that they can live at home. We are really pleased at how well this has worked out. Elizabeth is especially enjoying her artwork projects and is happy to have found this way to keep up and share her interests in art and music. She is also gaining confidence and motivation to go out in the wheelchair and is even sometimes using the buses and trams – Alison is particularly good at thinking of activities that are new and engaging as well as manageable for her, and her idea of a “memory book” has helped Elizabeth to reflect on the things they have been doing and talk about them with her daughter and friends. We have also benefited from a lot of practical help from the Bright Care team in the day to day care. What is most important and appreciated is the excellent individual attention so that the carers can find with the best ways to work with Elizabeth in her home.” – Helen Parker, Daughter – 2017