What is elderly care?

At Bright Care we offer private in-home care for the elderly. Our care packages are tailored for each client and our Care Assistants are all well-trained and valued employees.

Elderly care is home care for the elderly in their own homes. With private in-home care for the elderly from Bright Care you can expect:

  • Consistent companionship (reading the newspaper, playing games, taking exercise)
  • Support with outings (grocery food shopping, hospital appointments, walks)
  • Help around the house (laundry, vacuuming, dusting)
  • Home-based activities (cooking, baking, gardening)
  • Support at social events (family gatherings, clubs, religious services)
  • Personal hygiene (assistance with washing and getting dressed)
  • Health and well-being (support with medications and exercise)
  • Personal administration (help with forms, letters, paying bills)

Elderly care services we offer

Hourly daytime care – a provision of private in-home care for the elderly during daytime hours to help support the continuation of living independently and providing essential care and companionship with visits from upwards of two hours.

Live-in care – a holistic alternative to residential care is ideal when care and support is required throughout the whole day. Living alongside their clients in their home, our Carers can assist them with every aspect of their lives. This can be on a flexible basis or as a long-term arrangement. 

24-hour care – when someone needs care 24/7, our team of Carers provide around the clock care to ensure the client’s needs are met at all times. This type of care does not require the carer to live-in with the client. 

Overnight care – when care is needed throughout the night, choose either sleep over care, where a bed is required for our carer to sleep, waking up to three times in the night as needed, or waking night care where the carer remains awake throughout the night to provide continual attention. 

Dementia care – Our tailored elderly care enables those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s to remain safely within their own home. With the right kind of care, your loved ones can live well and thrive. 

Respite care – Our respite care is for those who need to take a break, because we know that caring for an elderly loved one requires a huge investment of your time, patience, love and perseverance. Respite care is a good option if you need time away from caring to recharge your batteries or to catch up with your own life.

Why choose Bright Care?

We are a family-founded care company offering bespoke private in-home care for the elderly that suits the individual needs of each client. The team at Bright Care are happy to explain the options available, discuss your loved one’s needs and create a care package to suit your needs. Talk to us today about your elderly care needs.

By engaging Bright Care as your elderly care provider, your loved ones will be in safe hands, giving you peace of mind that they are receiving excellent care. With our exceptional Care Assistants, your loved ones will be well looked after and benefit from companionship, as well as high-quality elderly care.

If you have further questions about elderly care, please see our FAQ section or contact our expert team.


  • Tailored care
  • Meaningful visits
  • Companionship
Bright Care's client smiling while his Bright Carer adjusts his bed
We offer fully-managed care, not agency care.