At Bright Care we employ all of our daytime, live-in and overnight Care Assistants directly, which means we are not a Care Assistant “agency”. We are a family-founded care company, offering bespoke in-home care services to self-funding clients. All of our care packages are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

To ensure we have a high calibre of Care Assistants to match with our clients, we carry out a robust recruitment process for each employee. This recruitment process results in Bright Care only employing exceptional and well-trained Care Assistants. 

Because our Care Assistants are at the forefront of the services we deliver, their well-being is extremely important to us and because we value all our care team, we give them competitive rates of pay, plus benefits, and first-class training at our Training Academy. To ensure all our Carers feel supported, we have an office-based team in place to assist them every step of the way.

Our daytime care visits are for two hours or more, allowing meaningful relationships to form between a Care Assistant and their clients. This results in the delivery of high-quality care and consistent companionship. Our live-in care is delivered by a small consistent team of careers who can build trust and develop strong bonds with their clients.

What is a Care Assistant Agency?

A Care Assistant agency often uses a bank of agency care staff to create a package of care. This means that each client may not get the same carer each time, making the ability to develop meaningful relationships and build trust much harder. 

Introductory care agency staff may be cheaper than the fully-managed care service we offer, because agencies only introduce self-employed Carers to their clients, they are not obligated to train their staff and they are not regulated by national care regulatory bodies. Once an introduction is complete, it is the client and their families who are responsible for the legal contract with the carer and they will need to fully-manage the service themselves.

Why choose Bright Care

All Bright Care care packages are fully-managed, each client is allocated a Care Manager who will carefully match them with a Care Assistant. 

Our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England and the Care Inspectorate in Scotland. We take great pride in the care services we deliver and believe this is why we have been awarded number one in the UK’s Top Health & Social Care Companies to Work For 2021, as well as 10th in the Best Companies to Work for in Scotland, and 20th overall in the UK.

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  • Tailored care
  • Remain at home
  • Meaningful visits
  • Companionship
  • Maintain dignity and peace of mind
Care Assistant talking to client