Companionship care for those in their later years

A parent companion is a professional Carer who supports the elderly with their daily activities and also provides meaningful companionship to those who are often living alone.

We offer companionship care to those in their later years. Our Care Assistants are fully-trained to become your parent companion, delivering exceptional care and regular companionship, supporting your loved ones and bringing joy to their lives.

Our range of in-home care services include:


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Bright Care companion services 

At Bright Care we believe remaining in the familiarity and comfort of your own home is best. With our companionship care your loved ones will receive personalised care and companionship from our team of exceptional Carers. 

We recognise that loneliness in the elderly is a major issue. According to Age UK, 1.4 million older people in the UK are often lonely. With in-home companionship care from Bright Care, your loved one will be matched with one or two of our fully-trained Care Assistants who can visit regularly. 

With our daytime visits from two hours or more with the same Carer, meaningful relationships can be formed and trust is built. Our live-in care is delivered by two Care Assistants on rotation, ensuring familiarity, so that friendships can be developed.

Our companionship care services include:


  • Enjoy bespoke care and regular companionship. 
  • Maintain freedom, control and dignity.
  • Remain independent in their own home.
  • Build meaningful relationships with Carer(s).
  • Tailored one-to-one care and companionship. 
  • Continue with existing routines, social connections and activities. 
  • Complimentary 24-hour emergency callout services for all our clients.

Bright Care client feedback

We deliver outstanding award-winning care that meets regulatory standards and we take great pride in our excellent companionship care services. The feedback from our clients shows that our services are essential to the families we work with.

“Bright Care have been caring for my parents on a daily basis for the past year now. They have been absolutely wonderful and the level of care they provide is as good as it gets. It is clear that it is more than just a job to the Bright Carers as their attention to detail is a credit to them all. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. They have played a vital role in allowing my parents to remain in their own home.”


Jim Jones, son of Bright Care clients

“We are very pleased with the help and support being delivered by Bright Care to my mother. It has enabled her to continue living in her own house and enjoy a quality of life and independence which would not be possible in a retirement home. The Bright Carers are genuinely caring people and enjoy making a difference to their clients’ lives.”


Alastair, son of Bright Care client

“We were first attracted to Bright Care because of their commitment to providing care to elderly people so that they can continue to live at home. We are really pleased with how well this has worked out. My mother especially enjoys her artwork projects and is happy to have found this way of enabling her to stay in her home to keep up with and share her interests in art and music. She is also gaining confidence and motivation to go out in her wheelchair and is even sometimes using the buses and trams. The Bright Carers are particularly good at thinking of activities that are new and engaging, as well as manageable for my mother. They’ve recently started creating a ‘memory book’ that has helped her to reflect on the things they have been doing together.”


Helen Parker, daughter of Bright Care client


  • Personalised in-home care 
  • Meaningful companionship
  • Maintain freedom, control and dignity
  • 24-hour emergency callout service
Carer pushing client in wheelchair
Overnight Care Assistant giving client water

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