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I think I need care and support for myself

Ageing Well series from Bright Care

Ageing Well

Ageing Well While we all know that ageing is inevitable, many scientists, professors and doctors are exploring what steps we can take to minimise the effects of ageing on our physical and mental health. Unsurprisingly, obesity, activity levels, lifestyle choices, quality of sleep, a healthy diet, maintaining social interactions and... Read More
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5 steps to creating happy carers

It's not easy to become a Bright Carer. Our selection, interview and training programmes are rigorous and aim to identify the best of the best; those people that we are genuinely excited to work with on a daily basis. We only hire people who have a great attitude, and are... Read More
In-home elderly care services from Bright Care

5 common misconceptions and myths about care

1. The common misconception: Care is free, isn't it?  The truth: Care isn’t free.  Most care needs to be paid for by you.  There is some care that is means tested but there is lots of care which is just is not provided by the state, full stop.  Means testing means that, if... Read More
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5 characteristics of a trustworthy care provider

Choosing who you want to provide your care or care for a family member can seem daunting. There are lots of organisations out there all with their own claims and specialities and it’s hard to know who you can trust. Often media scare stories shape us into naturally thinking the... Read More

Care Inspectorate: understanding the role

The Care Inspectorate and the Care Quality Commission The Care Inspectorate regulates and inspects care services in Scotland to make sure that they meet the right standards. In England and Wales, they have the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which has a similar function. These main bodies regulate the care sector.... Read More
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Power of Attorney | What You Need to Know

Why do I need a Power of Attorney? A Power of Attorney is a bit like holiday insurance: it seems like an unnecessary expense at the time or that you will never need it.  But, when you do, you are glad you have it! You hope that you will never... Read More
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Guide to employing private individuals

One way to get in support elderly care for a loved one by employing private individuals to directly to work for you in the care of your relative. This can be used as an alternative to using a professional care service. Sometimes this can work out more cost effective, although... Read More
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5 tips for planning financially for long term care

1. Know the real costs and what you might be able to get local authority help with. Before you start speaking to providers of elderly care services it is helpful to have a general understanding of what care usually costs and what parts you can sometimes get for free. Check... Read More

5 common misunderstandings about direct payments in Scotland

It may be helpful to read our Guide to Accessing Free Personal Care we well as reading this article. 1. The council has only offered me 6 hours a week so is that all I can get? Firstly, the council will assess your needs based on how many ‘hours’ of care... Read More