Top tools to help older people live happily at home

Bright Carer and client looking at photo album

Sometimes it can be the simplest of tools that can make all the difference

We recently asked our companion carers and clients to tell us about the products which have helped those in need of care to live happily and independently at home. Here we detail their top tool and why we’ve chosen them.

The Grabber Stick

A ‘must have’ item, the grabber stick is a great tool for reaching and grabbing anything: from taking clothes off the washing line to picking up a magazine from the coffee table. Grabber sticks are so popular that they are often reported missing, borrowed by younger family members for their own use. Grabber sticks come in many shapes and sizes. They range in price from £5 to £25.

An Outdoor Key safe

To some this may seem like an obvious item to make the list – but we are continually surprised by the number of families who are not aware of the concept. With a police rated outdoor key safe, the keys to your loved one’s property can be safely stored and accessed by anyone with the safe’s code. They are easy to install and very discreet.

An outdoor key safe avoids the risk and cost of making multiple key copies. It also removes the burden of remembering to take them with you. Now you can access your loved one’s home whenever you need to, allowing everyone to feel safe and secure. Key safes cost around £60 – there are cheaper ones on the market but the police rated ones are the most secure.

Elephant Feet

Ensuring chairs and beds are at a comfortable height for getting in and out of is invaluable. Safer than a block of wood, elephant feet are quickly and easily placed under each leg of the furniture item raising it up by up to 10cm. Sometimes families might think they need to go out and buy new specialist chairs or beds, but, why replace that much-loved armchair when you can raise it up for easier access. These charming name gadgets range from £10 – £20 for a pack of 4.

Big Button And Amplified Telephone

The Doro MemoryPlus ‘Photo Button’ phone is an award-winning landline telephone: its many features make it a very user-friendly phone for people living with dementia. The cover supplied with the phone can hide all the buttons except the 4 photo-buttons & the volume control. This can help reduce confusion for people with impaired memory. In addition, it is hearing aid compatible, has large, easy to press buttons, and can ring up to 91db!

Extra Loud Flashing Door Bell

With an extra loud ring and a flashing light, there are plenty of wireless doorbell kits on the market for people who have trouble hearing their doorbell. These range in price from £10 – £40. You can also acquire more expensive ones if you want all the bells and whistles – no pun intended!

Full Page Magnifying Window

The full page magnifying window functions like a conventional magnifying glass but its size and shape mean that someone with impaired vision can read an entire page without moving the glass. Ideal for reading small print, maps, and documents. simply place the full page magnifier over the small text you’re trying to read and you’ll see it all clearly without having to move your hand along the text.

Indoor Trolley

The trusted companion of millions of older people across the UK, an indoor trolley is typically made from durable steel with removable shelves and wheels. The lower tray is usually set forward so it does not interfere with the feet when walking, and both trays have raised lips to help prevent items from rolling away and to contain small spills. The trolley handles are always height adjustable for maximum comfort, whilst large wheels ensure it is easy to move and position, giving a safe and secure way to move hot drinks or meals and household items safely around the home. Indoor trolleys range in price from around £40 – £60.

Memory Books And Boxes

Creating a memory book or box can really help a loved one living with dementia to remember things. This can not only be a hugely enjoyable family exercise, but, is also very soothing for an older person who may worry that they have forgotten certain things about their past. It can take the form of a history of a person’s past life experiences or a book of prized memories. It can be used as a distraction technique for refocusing during difficult symptoms and can promote a sense of well-being and a celebration of life. Of course, a memory book can be made from any old jotters of photo albums you have lying around. Or, you can buy a nicely formatted memory book to help inspire you and give you a starting point.

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