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Dementia and time perception difficulties

Dementia is associated with a decline in memory and cognitive function, affecting language, reasoning, judgement and behaviour, this may be why for those living with dementia, the concept of time can be challenging. What happens to those with dementia and time perception difficulties? For those with dementia, the temporal lobes... Read More
Ageing Well series from Bright Care

Ageing Well

Ageing Well While we all know that ageing is inevitable, many scientists, professors and doctors are exploring what steps we can take to minimise the effects of ageing on our physical and mental health. Unsurprisingly, obesity, activity levels, lifestyle choices, quality of sleep, a healthy diet, maintaining social interactions and... Read More
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Days out for your elderly loved one in England

Our guide to finding the right place to take your elderly loved one We've compiled a list of our favourite places close to Cranleigh and Horsham that are accessible to those in their later years or people with mobility issues. Many of the places below are also dementia friendly and... Read More
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Days out for your elderly loved one in Scotland

Finding the right place to take your elderly loved one doesn't have to be a challenge We've compiled a list of our favourite places in Edinburgh and Glasgow that are accessible to older people or people with mobility issues. Many are also dementia friendly and can offer additional support to... Read More
In-home elderly care services

Days out for loved ones with dementia: our top tips

The thought of taking an elderly person or a person suffering from dementia doesn't need to be daunting Where should you go? Will they enjoy it? Will there be sufficient facilities? Is the venue accessible? These are all very valid concerns and things that should be considered when planning days... Read More
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A brief guide to good nutrition for elderly people

As we move through the decades of life our nutritional requirements change The degree of change will be driven by lifestyle, nature, genetics and to some extent, luck. The way in which we have lived throughout our lives will also have an impact. Taking these factors into account allows us... Read More

The Rewards of being a Bright Carer

Caring for vulnerable people and people in need, carries a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that only comes when you engage in helping others, and in the act of giving. Yvonne Care Assistant, Bright Care Being a Bright Carer Having a care work job can often be viewed as challenging,... Read More
Yvonne, Bright Carer

A day in the life of a Bright Carer

My name is Yvonne and I am a care worker for Bright Carer, which means I visit my matched clients in the comfort of their own homes. I love my job as no two days are ever the same. I have made great relationships with both my colleagues and clients,... Read More

What it takes to be a Bright Carer

Caring for elderly people requires many natural skills, that are not easily taught at college or at training courses. Empathy, patience, good listening and a cheerful attitude are a few key personality traits that are essential to provide meaningful support to an elderly person and to create a relevant and... Read More
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5 steps to creating happy carers

It's not easy to become a Bright Carer. Our selection, interview and training programmes are rigorous and aim to identify the best of the best; those people that we are genuinely excited to work with on a daily basis. We only hire people who have a great attitude, and are... Read More