Returning to work after retirement

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If  you are considering returning to work after retirement you are not alone. The Great Retirement Study by investment company Abrdn found that one in four people aged 55 to 75 in the UK have returned to work in the past five years. Whether they have been affected by the increased cost of living or are simply missing the sense of purpose that comes with working, more and more people are returning to the workforce. Returners are often looking for flexible contracts and rewarding roles that can fit around their other commitments.

Thinking of returning to work after retirement?

Our jobs in care are flexible and give the opportunity to spend quality time with your clients, developing relationships and making a difference to those you care for. 

We spoke to Bright Carer Iris about her decision to return to work after retirement.

1. Tell us about your career before retirement?

I worked in the care sector for many years. Five and a half years ago I was looking for a change and found Bright Care. It was a refreshing change for me to have extended care visits, travel time, and be able to build meaningful relationships with clients and I fitted into the team well. 

2. Why did you decide to retire?

I loved my job before retiring, but due to health reasons, I first semi-retired and then decided to fully retire in September last year. The Bright Care Glasgow managers were very accommodating and worked with me as I reduced my working hours. I also wanted to spend more time with my family and knew I would be able to do this once I retired fully. 

3. How did you find retirement?

At first it was nice as I had a lot going on, but as time passed I started to feel a bit redundant, especially as my family were working during the week and my grandchildren were at school.  I joined the gym and went for walks but I didn’t feel like my days were being filled and my mental health started to suffer. 

Carer Iris

4. What made you decide to return to work after retirement?

I started to realise that I was missing my job and my clients. I knew I had to balance my physical and mental health but started thinking if I returned to work on a part time basis, I may be able to improve all areas of my health and wellbeing. I approached Anne, the Glasgow Branch Manager, and she made me feel that I would be welcomed back, so I took the plunge!

5. What have you been enjoying about being back at work?

I’m enjoying being back in a routine and seeing some of the clients I used to work with, that I missed when I was in retirement. I have a perfect work life balance now with part time hours that suit me, and have free time at weekends to spend with my family when they are not working and at school.  

6. What would you say to others thinking about returning to work after retirement?

I would encourage someone to weigh up their options and put their health and wellbeing first, which for me meant returning to work as that made me feel more fulfilled, useful and happier all round. Look at the option of returning part time if a slower pace would be better for you.  My brain is working, my body is moving, and returning to work has been the best thing I could have done for myself!

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