Food tasting in the Edinburgh Office with Cook Morningside

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On Wednesday 21st June, the Edinburgh team were lucky enough to have some visitors to our weekly Care Management Team meeting. Jane from Cook Morningside came along to talk to us about her products and give us a taste. We invited a few clients and carers to come and try out the food too. Cook are a UK wide company who freshly make and then freeze their meals. Everything is made from scratch with no additives or preservatives, frozen at  their Head Office and then sent out to shops around the UK. The Morningside shop has two friendly delivery drivers who take the orders out to their customers throughout Edinburgh for them to keep in the freezer until it is time to put in the oven or microwave. All the food looked so tempting, and we were happy to give it a try! A few favourites were the chicken liver pate, macaroni cheese and the salted caramel cheesecake. We were meant to be tasting the food in case we could recommend it to our clients, but I think a few of the Office staff will be popping into the shop or placing orders for the weekend!

Edinburgh Team Goes Bowling!

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On Friday 24th March, our lovely colleagues in the other Bright Care offices kindly manned our phones so that everyone from the Edinburgh Office and Central Team could take time out for an afternoon of bowling and pizza. We wanted to celebrate and reflect on a busy first few months of 2017, the highlight of which was passing our Care Inspection with brilliant scores. We achieved fives across the board, and had only positive feedback from our clients. So, we headed over to Fountain Park and nominated the two men of the office to be team captains. It seemed like Al’s team had all been practising as they managed to beat Tim’s team in both games! Regardless of the score, we had a great time and no injuries were sustained, despite a bowling ball going backwards at one point! Although, the next day some of us had pain in muscles we didn’t even know existed! After all that strenuous activity, we had worked up a good appetite, and all our healthy eating was forgotten as we tucked into some delicious pizza. We all really enjoyed spending time as a group away from the office, and thankfully the competition stayed friendly! We appreciated Tim and Annie organising the afternoon out for us, and are looking forward to our next activity- we are thinking maybe go-karting!

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