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We know that organising bespoke care at home for your loved one can sometimes be overwhelming. We have experienced elder care teams in branches throughout Scotland and the South East of England who offer free and impartial advice about care at home options. 

With the help and advice from our teams, you can make an informed decision about the best care at home available. Our services can give you the peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is well supported in their later years.

Welcome to Bright Care Edinburgh

We recently spoke with Cheryl, Branch Manager for Bright Care in Edinburgh to find out a bit more about her, the branch team and the care at home services they offer.

Cheryl has been with Bright Care for eight years. She started as a Care Manager in the Broughty Ferry branch, and then became the Regional Branch Manager in Edinburgh in March 2023.

The Bright Care Edinburgh branch covers the whole city of Edinburgh and is moving into East Lothian; covering Musselburgh, Haddington, North Berwick, Dunbar and the surrounding areas.

What job did you do before you joined Bright Care?

I was a registered Midwife, as well as working for other private care companies and council run care as well. Joining Bright Care was a big change and totally different from government funded care.

What is it about working at Bright Care that you enjoy so much?

For me, the team dynamics are really good, I enjoy having the opportunity to progress and grow in my role, and the fact we can have open conversations about career progression within my team. I really enjoy working for Bright Care in Edinburgh, as I have a deep connection with the city. 

I am aligned with the Bright Care ethos and I believe that the matching process really works for the clients and their families. I enjoy all the events we hold for the Carers and their clients, where we are all one close knit team.

Do you feel the Bright Care way of dealing with clients is different from other care providers?

Yes, because the clients can decide what their care plan looks like, it is person centred and we can be really flexible to accommodate their needs. The clients tell us what they want and we work towards those goals. The Carers are always consistent, so the clients know exactly what to expect, and that definitely works for them.

What would you say was your best branch achievement in 2023?

Our branch won two company awards last year, including the Digital Marketing award. Marketing was not something I was involved in before joining Bright Care, and I very much enjoy that side of the business. We worked hard to take photographs of our Carers enjoying spending time with their clients, for us to share online, so when we were recognised for our hard work, it was really good. Two of our Care Managers also received individual awards for their contribution to the company.

What are your hopes for 2024?

I hope to expand the business, recruit new Carers and bring joy to more people in their later years.

Can you tell me of a time where you experience the difference Bright Care can make to its clients first-hand?

We have a client who is in a nursing home, due to having a stroke, but was unhappy there. He now has a Bright Carer to take him out to do activities once a week. His wife says she can’t believe the difference it has made to his behaviour, he is so much happier and really looks forward to his weekly trips. This is an unusual arrangement, as we usually see clients in their own homes. It goes to show how important the companionship element of care is, which is something that we can provide over and above basic in-home care.

Why should people choose Bright Care for their loved ones?

If you are looking for elder care with consistency and continuity, and a care package that adapts to fits your loved one’s needs, we can cover all aspects of care, from a companion visit once a week, to end of  life care if needed. 

We provide Care Managers on call 24 hours and we have the Birdie system, where relatives can read comments from the Carers after each visit, to find out how their loved one is getting on. 

We recently had a brilliant review from the Care Inspectorate, where we were awarded all fives on our Care Inspector report. Which means the regulators are really happy with what we are doing.

Why choose Bright Care?

We have been providing care at home for elderly loved ones since 2009, and therefore we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for those in their later years. As experts in elder care, we believe in the benefits of nurturing meaningful relationships, and that is why we take the time to carefully set up care arrangements and match our clients and carers. 

We provide fully-managed care at home that is dedicated to supporting the needs of those in their later years. We can adapt the services provided, so you can be confident that you have made the right decision for your loved one. You can be assured that your loved ones will be well looked after by our experienced care team, as our regulated care at home is consistently graded at the highest levels by the independent care regulators.

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Our companion-based care means that your loved ones can live with joy and purpose in their later years. If you want to know more about the elder care at home we offer, please get in touch.

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