Dementia and time perception

Image of an elder man looking at a wall calendar

As experts in elder care, we know that supporting a loved one with dementia and understanding the challenges they face can be daunting. Those with dementia often have memory impairment, which particularly affects short-term memory. This can cause a loved one to forget recent events or experiences, making it difficult for them to stay in the present moment. 

These difficulties with time perception can become apparent by their inability to know what time of day, month, year, or season it is. Understanding the sequence of events can be challenging as can accurately gauging how much time has passed since certain events occurred.

How to help those with dementia and time perception difficulties

Dementia can profoundly impact perception of time, leading to confusion, disorientation, and difficulty with tasks that require time awareness. By understanding these changes, you can provide support to help improve your loved one’s quality of life. For example:

  • Get a dementia clock that shows time, date and whether it’s morning or night.
  • Put up a large print wall calendar and help them to tick off the days.
  • Remove summer clothes from their wardrobes in winter and vice-versa in summer.
  • Create a routine to help them to differentiate what day of the week it is. 
  • Set alarms on their phone to remind them to eat.

A loved one with dementia and time perception difficulties can experience loneliness, as they may not remember when you last visited or called them. Challenging them to remember certain things may cause conflict. So, instead remain calm and patient, offering reassurance and empathy. You could try arranging for other people to visit them, so they spend less time alone. Or you could try encouraging them to join a dementia support group or visit a dementia café with their Carer.

Why choose Bright Care

If you need specialist dementia care for your loved one, Bright Care can help. We offer companionship style care services for those with dementia, so they can continue living comfortably and safely within their own home. If you would like to know more about the at-home dementia care services we offer, please get in touch. 

We are currently recruiting Carers to help care for those with dementia. We offer a competitive salary and good benefits. If you would like to join our team, please apply now.

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