Bright Care walking challenge

Keira and Sheridan at Brighton pier at the end of the challenge.

As part of our Ageing Well series, we look at how gentle exercise for elderly people can improve the ageing process. We encourage all our clients to incorporate physical movement into their daily routine. Whether this is getting up out of their chair regularly, walking to the local shop or joining an exercise class. For more inspiration on small changes that can improve the chances of ageing well, read our blog post on exercise for the elderly

Bright Care walking challenge

Maintaining muscle mass is essential for better health. As we age, our muscles start to lose strength, putting us at risk of becoming frail and having falls. Our staff in the Glasgow branch were keen to encourage gentle exercise for elderly and so created a walking challenge. 

This challenge was designed to encourage both our clients, staff and their families to intentionally move more, in any way that they were able. This could be by either walking outdoors, being more active around the home or taking part in another physical activity that they would not normally do.

The idea behind this challenge was to promote the Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) initiative launched by the Care Inspectorate. It was created to be an enjoyable, binding experience and to create some healthy competition. The idea was to work as a team to “virtually” walk around all of the Bright Care branches in the UK, starting in Glasgow and finishing in Brighton. Along the route, the team shared updates, introduced each branch team and shared some fun facts about each location. 

At Bright Care we had four office teams, five Bright Carers, six clients and a client’s daughter participate in the event. Everyone did really well and we covered 679 miles in 40 days between us.

Our client Margaret said she took part in the challenge as she believes, “exercise is very important for my health.” Her daughter joined her mother on this challenge and used the tracker we provided to record their distance, along with a calendar sheet and star stickers to track the team’s progress.

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