Poland’s Constitution Day!

There is long standing trusted links between Perthshire and Poland.  During WWII, the first Polish troops reach Scotland on 5 August 1940.   At the time, Scotland was completely unprotected against invasion and under real threat of German attacks, and the newly-arrived Poles were warmly welcomed. They immediately set to work defending Scotland.  There was, however, no military infrastructure to accommodate them and they were left, largely to their own devices, to live in tents, build their own camps, patrol the coastline and build coastal defences.  These Polish Service men and women made a lasting impression in Scotland during those early years.

In September 1940 the Polish authorities in Scotland had expressed a wish for a special consecrated plot in a cemetery for the burial of members of their forces. As there was a substantial number of Polish troops in Perthshire, Wellshill Cemetery in Perth was chosen and it is the largest of the many burial grounds in Scotland in which Polish soldiers were laid to rest.

In light of this historic national link and given the Polish family roots of our Care Manager Aga, we thought it would be fitting for our Perth office to mark Poland’s Constitution Day, which falls on the 3rd May every year. (Swieto Konstytucji 3 Maja).  It is a Polish national and public holiday that celebrates the declaration of the Constitution of 3rd May 1791.  To celebrate, the Perth office had a Polish-themed day!  The pictures shows our Manager, Agnieszka Gorak, in traditional Polish dress with red and white flowers, the national colours.

Find our more about Poland’s Constitution Day here.

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