Five steps to creating happy at home Carers

Happy at home carer with client

At Bright Care, we value our at home Carers because they are at the forefront of everything we do, that is why it is so important to us that they are happy in their work. We know that by keeping our Carers happy, they in turn will do everything they can to keep our clients happy and well cared for. 

When recruiting new Carers, we focus on their character and personality to ensure we hire people who are warm, caring, genuine, committed and have a positive attitude. To prepare our at home Carers for working the Bright Care way, we offer first class training, ongoing development, well-paid salaried positions, the same regular clients, wellbeing support, paid milage, a pension scheme and paid holidays. 

We use these five steps to ensure our at home Carers are happy:

Step 1 – know your Carer

Our clients and carers are expertly matched with care and consideration. We know a successful care package is built on strong foundations. Our dedicated Carer Managers get to know each of our Care Assistants during their initial training, allowing them an insight into their personality and preferences. The Care Managers are responsible for matching each Carer with a client that will suit them, as this will ensure that a meaningful relationship can flourish.

Step 2 – we praise our Carers

We know that for our Carers, a sense of job satisfaction is a priority and knowing that they’ve done their job well is important. We ensure that all the positive feedback we receive from our clients and their families is passed on to our Care Assistants. Praising our at home Carers via phone call, in person or over email shows that what they do is making a difference and bringing joy to an older person’s life. Our branches also offer regular Carer appreciation events such as pamper afternoons to show how much they are appreciated.

Step 3 – the work / life balance

The personalities who are attracted to working in the care profession are usually those who give a lot! They are care orientated people who often have families of their own to care for, elderly relatives they look after, as well as caring deeply for their clients. We know that giving our Carers the support needed and time off they require results in happier Carers. That’s why flexible working is so important to us, allowing for life to happen around work without the two clashing. 

Step 4 – nurture and support

Our Carers work one-to-one with their clients in their own homes. This means the role can sometimes feel lonely and isolated without other colleagues around you on a daily basis to share stories with or ask questions of. We recognise that our Care staff need nurturing and support from their line managers and other office based team members. That’s why our Carers receive regular formal supervision, as well as informal chats, so they stay connected and always feel supported. We nurture our Carers through on-going additional training, so they feel a sense of self-development and their skills and knowledge are always improving.

Step 5 – rewards and recognition

We know that rewards do not always need to be financial, recognition and appreciation for making a difference and bringing joy to their clients’ lives means as much to our employees. We know that our care staff work very hard, that is why our branches run regular appreciation and wellbeing days for our Carers and a yearly summer get together for all our staff and clients.

Happy at home carer playing chess

What sets Bright Care apart

We are not just an employer, but a care provider, and that caring attitude extends across our whole team. We value our at home Carers and recognise their hard work by paying them well, acknowledging their commitment to Bright Care and their dedication to their clients. 

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