Why become a Daytime Care Assistant

At Bright Care, our experienced and well-trained Care Assistants provide in-home care and companionship for the elderly. All of our care packages are tailored to the individual needs of our private clients. 

We asked one of our daytime personal Care Assistants, Naomi, about what it is like to provide in-home elderly care for Bright Care.

Why did you choose to become a personal Care Assistant for the elderly?

I was at a crossroads in my life and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. My grandmother suggested that I become a carer, as I was already looking after her and she felt I did it so well. I thought it was a great idea, as I love caring for others. Unfortunately, my grandma is no longer with us but I know she was so proud of me for becoming a carer. I think it just takes a certain type of person to become a personal care assistant, I think you’ve either got it or you haven’t. Especially when it comes to personal care, not everybody is comfortable with that, whereas I don’t bat an eyelid.

Why did you choose to work with Bright Care?

I saw their advertisement for personal Care Assistants and I liked the fact that it was care and companionship. That’s what drew me to it, and with the minimum two-hour visits, it is such a good way to build relationships. With Bright Care it is more person-centric and you can really build relationships and get to know your clients.

Naomi, personal Care Assistant
It is so nice to build a relationship with the client’s families as well. It is a really good feeling knowing that they trust you. The aim is to give them peace of mind and I always try my best to be there for my clients. If any of my clients are ever down, I will try my best to cheer them up. If I have to do a silly dance to make them laugh, I’ll do it. Anything to make them happy.



Care Assistant, Bright Care

What traits or characteristics do you think make a good personal Care Assistant?

You have got to be kind, friendly, understanding, empathetic and compassionate. I also think you need to be a bit quirky and don’t be shy. Even if you’re having a bad day, you have got to leave that at the door and focus on your client. Be curious as well, ask them questions and you can learn so much.

What makes Bright Care different?

They are a great place to work, we have got really good team morale and the training is fantastic. The office staff are really supportive, no question is a silly question and if you are unsure about anything, you can always ask them. You can also bounce ideas off of other carers, and as a team we support each other, because care is a lone-working job. If we’re concerned about anything, we speak to each other. We have great team building events and pamper days, which brings us closer together.

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