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Live-in care worker delivering elderly care work

At Bright Care we take great pride in our exceptional Carers. We recruit our care workers very carefully and invest time into training them at our Bright Care Training Academy. Once they graduate, they shadow a colleague before carefully matching them with a client.

How are our newly recruited care workers getting on?

We recently spoke to Uche and Eliza, care workers based in Scotland. We were keen to find out what it is like once the recruitment, training, shadowing and matching process is completed and they are living each day as a Bright Carer.

Uche – Hourly Care Assistant

Uche started working 20 hours a week for Bright Care in the summer of 2023 and now works full-time (40 hours a week) with 12 clients based in the city of Glasgow. As an hourly care worker, Uche goes to visit her regular clients in their own homes to assist them with their daily needs. She also spends time chatting with them and, when required, she takes clients to their appointments.

What is your relationship like with your clients?

The Bright Care head office matched me with clients who have similar interests, and that makes the job more fun. I love to sing and I love to dance. So, I have clients who enjoy singing and doing some dancing. When the client is able to, we do that together and have some fun. That makes the job really enjoyable for me and most importantly, it keeps the clients happy as well.

If the client has an appointment, such as a dental, hospital, or doctor’s, I take them there. Sometimes I am required to bring them back home or alternatively, their family collects them after the appointment. 

We have regular coffee mornings at the Bright Care office in Glasgow and I usually take my clients along with me if they are interested. They get to meet with other Bright Care clients and I get to meet other Care Assistants, which is nice.

Care Worker at Bright Care, Uche

What is the most enjoyable part of your role?

The most enjoyable part of my job is that I feel satisfied and fulfilled, knowing that I’m helping someone to be happier and live a better life. 

Some of my clients are going through some challenges on a daily basis, as there are tasks that they can no longer do for themselves. I love visiting them and putting a smile on their faces.

How did you find the recruitment and training process?

It was wonderful. When I went for my training at the Bright Care Training Academy, we received all expenses paid training. That’s very rare in this line of work! The trainer was very friendly and very supportive. She was happy to answer all the group’s questions and happily clarified things if anyone didn’t understand. 

We covered the practical training in-person, which is very important. Although I had experience in the care sector before joining Bright Care, the training was still very useful for me, as I was able to see how Bright Care wants things done. I think the training has contributed to giving me lots of confidence, because I know what is expected of me.

Which part of the training do you think was the most useful?

With the support you get from head office and the Bright Care Training Academy, even if you have zero experience as a care worker, you are going to be absolutely fine. The managers are very supportive and they try to explain everything as simply as possible. They give you all the support they can to help you settle in. 

What makes working for Bright Care special?

Before joining Bright Care, I did some research and found out they were voted Number one in the UK’s Top Health & Social Care Companies to Work For and I thought, I want to be a part of that. After a year of working for them, I can fully understand why they won this distinction. They are really great to work for!

Eliza – Live-in Care Assistant

Eliza is a Live-in Care Assistant in Edinburgh who started working for Bright Care at the start of 2024. As a live-in care worker, Eliza works exclusively with one client on a one week on and one week off shift pattern. She shares the role with another Bright Carer. Eliza shadowed her colleague at the start of her role, so she could fully understand the client’s routine.

Care Worker at Bright Care - Eliza

What is your relationship like with your clients?

I am really enjoying getting to know the lady I’m working with; she’s super interesting. I’ve always found the elderly really fascinating, because they have lived longer lives; they have also been through a lot and have experience of lots of interesting things. I get on really well with my client and I’m also getting to know her family as well, as they come in to relieve me during my breaks. 

My client is about to turn 103, so we are home based. She enjoys lots of different types of food, so I’ve enjoyed cooking for her. After breakfast, we have a chat and do a bit of crochet. She likes to read the newspaper and watch TV. Although she needs to rest quite often, she has a full life. Her daughter comes to visit several times a week and a family friend often visits with her young son.

What is the most enjoyable part of your role?

Being from New Zealand, I’ve only been in Edinburgh for a couple of months, and it takes time to make friends. So, for me, it has been great to connect with someone, have a good chat and get to know them. My client has done a lot of travelling in her life and I lived in Paris for a very long time, and I have done a lot of travelling during the past eight months. It’s therefore been lots of fun to talk about travel together. 

How did you find the recruitment and training process?

Really smooth and with excellent communication throughout. I was interviewed one day followed by sending an email outlining my interest the next morning. I signed the paperwork on a Friday and by Monday I was on the training programme. It was very efficient!

Which part of the training do you think is most useful?

I am a registered nurse, so the information wasn’t new to me, but it was really helpful. It was important to know what boundaries there are and to connect with the other staff. I also made some new friends and met the other new recruits. It was a really enjoyable week.

What makes working for Bright Care special?

The fact that we focus on the people connection, rather than powering through chores every day. Obviously, those things need to be done, but it is so nice being able to work with an elderly person in their own home. It is particularly gratifying working with someone that needs a really high level of care and who can’t do the day-to-day stuff on their own. The fact that they are still able to live at home and are able to live their normal routine is genuinely so lovely to see. The most refreshing thing I’ve found is that they can live their lives exactly how they like to live them, and as carers we can assist with that.

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