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When it comes to elderly care, there are many different options available and the choices can be confusing. Additionally, deciding when care is needed is not always straightforward. Age is not the only deciding factor, often circumstances have more impact on when and if care is required.

Our video illustrates how our expert elderly carer, Naomi, impacts Margaret’s’ life experiences.

The team at Bright Care are experts in elderly care services and are happy to explain the options available. Whether it is hourly daytime care, live-in care or perhaps respite care, our knowledgeable office staff are on hand to offer help and advice.

We have been providing elderly care since 2009 and know that the earlier a care package is in place, the smoother the transition. Our advice is to start looking at your options before it becomes an emergency situation. Our packages are bespoke and flexible. We work with families to arrange care to suit individual circumstances.

There are many types of elderly care to choose from, making the right choice for yourself or your elderly loved ones can be complicated. We firmly believe staying at home is the best option for most people and we offer a range of options to enable people to do that.  Below are the different types of elderly care that Bright Care can offer:

Hourly daytime care – A provision of care during daytime hours to help support the elderly to continue living independently in their own home. Our visits are upwards of two hours, providing essential care and also the much-needed companionship to those in their later years. Read more about our daytime care benefits.

Live-in care – When care and support is required throughout the whole day, this is a holistic alternative to residential care. Our carers live alongside their clients in their homes and assist them with every aspect of their lives. This can be on a flexible basis or as a long-term arrangement. Find out if our live-in care is the right option for you.

24-hour care – When someone needs care 24/7 through the day and night. Provided by a team of carers around the clock to ensure the client’s needs are met at all times. This type of care does not require the carer to live-in with the client. Click here for further information on our 24-hour care.

Overnight care – When care is needed throughout the night. Choose from sleep over care, where a bed is required for our carer to sleep, waking up to three times in the night as needed, or waking night care where the carer remains awake throughout the night to provide continual attention. Find out more.

Dementia care – Our tailored elderly care package enables those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s to remain safely within their own home. With the right kind of care, your loved ones can live well and thrive. Find out why we are specialists in caring for those with dementia.

Respite care – Caring for an elderly loved one requires a huge investment of your time, patience, love and perseverance. Our respite care is for those who need to take a break. If you need time away from caring to recharge your batteries or to catch up with your own life, respite care is a good option.

Engaging Bright Care will place your loved ones in a safe pair of hands, enabling you to carry on with your life worry free. Our elderly care services deliver exceptional care and give you peace of mind. Discussing care with elderly loved ones can sometimes be a complex and emotional situation. If you need any help on how to approach these conversations, please contact one of our team at your local Bright Care branch.

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