Private home care versus care homes

elderly care services at home

At Bright Care, we believe staying in your own home throughout your later years is the best option and a perfect alternative to the limitations of care homes. Our companionship style of elderly care services at home gives your loved one control over the care they receive. We lead the field in providing high-quality private home care and can develop a tailored care package to suit your needs.

Elderly care services at home 

With at-home care, life does not have to change to the same extent as it would living in a care home. With assistance from a carer, your loved one can carry on doing the things they enjoy in a familiar environment. 

Remaining in their own home has many advantages, primarily maintaining dignity, control and independence. In addition to autonomy over decisions, such as when to get up, mealtimes and receiving visitors. They would even be able to keep their pets, something that is rarely possible in a care home. 

At Bright Care, we ensure your loved one receives one-to-one high-quality care and regular companionship from familiar carers. Where appropriate they would also take them out and about, go shopping, visit the park and continue with their interests or hobbies. Remaining at home means staying close to existing networks of friends and neighbours and where important memories were made.

What are state style care homes like?

The quality of care homes and the level of care given can vary greatly throughout England and Scotland and your choices are often confined by your geographical area. There are two generic types of care homes, residential and nursing, your choice will be dictated by the level of care your loved one requires, depending on their physical and mental health needs. 

A care home provides your loved ones with accommodation within a single personal bedroom and shared communal areas, some, but not all, have outside areas for residents. There are care workers on-hand day and night to support your loved ones with their needs, however the care is not one-to-one and staff and resources are often stretched. 

Mealtimes within care homes are at set times and usually in communal areas, affording some companionship from other residents. Some care homes offer day trips and outings and have activities that your loved ones can partake in. However, not all care homes offer these, you will need to be mindful of this and thorough when carrying out your research. Before making your choice, we recommend you visit any care homes you are considering and always ensure they are regulated by an independent body.

Why choose Bright care for your elderly care services at home 

Bright Care provide regulated tailored care, to help maintain your loved one’s independence. Each client will have a small team of Bright Carers who are matched according to their needs and interests. 

Most importantly, your loved one will remain at home, in familiar surroundings, connected to their local community, and supported throughout their later years. Our elderly care services at home ensures the families we support always retain peace of mind knowing that they are well cared for.

When choosing our elderly care services at home your loved one will have carers who are reliable and consistent. Their visits last from two hours or more, allowing for meaningful relationships to develop. All of our services are carefully set up and managed by an appointed Care Manager and include access to our emergency call-out service.

High quality in-home care allows our clients to retain a level of independence and dignity that can’t be matched when staying in a care home. Cheryl Scott, Registered Branch Manager, Edinburgh

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Comparatively, in-home care costs are generally less expensive than the cost of a care home and offer much better value and experience. Contact us today to discuss your care needs.

If you would like to know more about becoming a carer with us, please visit our Become a Carer page. 

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