Why we chose Bright Care – Sandra and Alan’s story

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Sandra talking about why she chose an in-home Carer

Sandra and Alan chose Bright Care to provide them with a private in-home Carer. These videos describe in their own words their reasons for deciding in-home care was the right option for them as a family.

We spoke to Sandra about her reasons for choosing a Care Assistant from Bright Care to support her in looking after her husband.

“I hope I never need Bright Care myself, but I definitely want my family to involve Bright Care if it ever became necessary for me. I can’t recommend them highly enough”



Wife of Bright Care client

We interviewed Alan about his motivation behind choosing Bright Care to provide their in-home carer for his father.

“If anyone is ever in the situation where a loved one needs to be cared for, then without hesitation I would have to say pick up the phone to Bright Care.”



Son of Bright Care client

As a private care and companionship provider, we offer a range of care services including hourly daytimelive-in and overnight care. 


Why choose Bright Care to provide your in-home Carer

Bright Care supports those in their later years in the comfort of their own homes. We promote independence, dignity and choice around what care looks like for your loved one. Our elder care is always tailored to the individual needs and wishes of our clients and their families.

Each family is allocated a dedicated Care Manager who supports them through their care journey, helping them to make the necessary, and sometimes difficult decisions that need to be made when putting care in place.

All of our Care Assistants are robustly recruited, hand-picked and trained before allocating them a client to care for. We take the matching process very seriously and attention to detail is given to the suitability of every Carer we allocate and to which client. 

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about our in-home Carers and the services they offer, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team who can talk you through the options available. 

If you would like to join our team as an exceptional in-home Carer, please get in touch.

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