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Who are Bright Care

We offer care for the elderly at home for self-funding families, delivered by exceptional carers, who are supported by knowledgeable support staff. By focussing on the relationships between our clients and their carers, our fully-managed elderly care has gained many awards over the years. Most recently we were named number one in the UK’s Top Health & Social Care Companies to Work For in 2021, as well as 10th in the Best Companies to Work for in Scotland, and 20th overall in the UK.

At Bright Care, our employees are at the heart of everything we do. By ensuring our branch staff and our in-home carers are well looked after and happy in their work, we know that our clients will receive the best possible care.

How our carers for the elderly at home are supported

Our awards are  a reflection of the investment we make in our staff. Carers receive exceptional training and support at Bright Care.

Before any of our Assistant Carers are matched with a client, they undergo an intensive training course delivered by our Bright Care Training Academy. During this course, our carers learn about the high standard of care that we expect from them, in addition to practical topics such as how to safely administer medication and Moving & Handling clients guidelines. 

Once our Assistant Carers have undergone their training, they are ready to be matched with a client. This process is undertaken by our Care Managers. Their role is vital, as they meet with each of our clients, learn their likes and dislikes and what level of care is required. Where appropriate, they will liaise with the family on what care is needed. 

Once our clients are matched with a Carer, the Care Manager will continue to support them in their role with regular refresher training. If our Care Assistants have any questions, doubts or needs support, our Care Managers are always available. Also, if our clients need any support, we operate a 24/7 emergency on-call service

We currently have eight branches throughout Scotland and England. Each branch is run by an experienced Branch Manager, who oversees their team, runs the office and liaises with our existing and prospective clients.

Find out more about what it’s like to work for Bright Care as carers for the elderly at home:

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