Thinking of a career change at 50 plus?

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In August 2022, government data showed more workers in the 50-64 age range are hoping to return to work and the UK government is encouraging companies to entice more people over 50 back into employment. At Bright Care we know that the over 50s bring a wealth of experience and make exceptional Carers. We have many excellent careers who have had previous experience working in nursing or care homes but want more job flexibility and the opportunity to spend quality time with their clients.

Our care roles are suited to people looking for a career move into a job that gives them the satisfaction of positively impacting other people’s lives. Our roles are flexible and allow you to work around other commitments such as caring for family, hobbies, charity work or another part-time role.

Career change advice

Perhaps you are over 50 and would like to return to work after a career break or redundancy? Or maybe you need to return to work due to the recent inflation rise and escalating food and utilities costs? Here is our advice for a career change at 50 plus:

  • Focus on your experience, skills and abilities, not your age. Although employers are allowed to ask for your date of birth, this should be kept separately from your application. Sadly, ageism still exists, but with the government encouraging the over 50s to return to work, we hope that, like us, other companies will see the numerous benefits of employing people with more life experience.
  • Establish your vision and priorities. What do you want from a career change? Is it important to do something worthwhile and fulfilling? As a Carer, you will have the opportunity to bring joy and purpose into elderly people’s lives. Our companionship care model enables Care Assistants to build nurturing and fulfilling relationships.
  • Update your skills. Take the opportunity to learn something new. Whether you choose to attend a course or take on a voluntary role, you can see this career change as the perfect time to expand your horizons. We offer full training for anyone joining our care team. Our Bright Care Training Academy will prepare you for a role in high-quality private care.
  • Ask about flexible working. If you no longer want to undertake a full-time role or if you have other responsibilities to consider, then why not work part-time? We offer part-time or full-time daytime work, live-in care patterns, such as two weeks on and two weeks off, and night-time working.
  • Recognise your strengths. With age comes wisdom and experience. Life skills are vital in a caring role. When seeking Bright Carers, the most important attributes to us are your character, personality, caring nature, life experience and commitment.
Career change at 50, Bright Carer

Whether you are new to the care industry or you are an experienced Carer, we would love to hear from you. As an in-home Care Assistant, you will visit clients in their own homes to provide care and companionship. This job is suitable for people who want to bring joy and purpose into elderly people’s lives. 

We offer three different Assistant Care roles at Bright Care, Daytime Care Assistant, Live-in Care Assistant and Overnight Care Assistant

If you would like to change careers at 50 plus and join our team providing private and bespoke in-home elderly care, please get in touch.

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